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"Dear Orvan; November 19, 1998
It is true that we do not have documentation showing, or I should say, proving that the Edmonstons are related to the Edmonstones of Duntreath. There are some Edmonstons that I think are related. There are other Edmonstons that are not related to the Scottish Edmonstones. There are also some Edmonsons who are supposedly related to Sir Archibald Edmonstone. There are so many little things to consider.

We have the Edmonstones and Ker families in Leith, Scotland in the early years. Information is included. Archibald Edmonstone has land called Leith in Prince George's County, Maryland in the early 1700s. Ruth Edmonston inherits this land. After the death of Sir William Edmonstone in Ireland, we find the Ker family living in Red Hall Castle in Ireland. I did have a map, but can't find it now, sent to me by Elinor Edmonson, wife of Larry, years ago that showed Red Hall as a small town in Calvert County, Maryland. The town is no longer there, but one large building remains that is named Red Hall. I no longer have the letter of explanation that I received from a genealogist in Calvert County, Maryland. There are many small things that connect our Edmonstons in Scotland and they all can't be just a coincidence.

Please clarify some of the things in the will of Archibald Edmonston concerning the town of Leith. I can't read parts of it. Hope you can. Sincerely; Louise Edmonston"

Editor: Thank you for the interesting letter Louise, and all of the supporting documents. I also think that there is a connection with the Edmonstones of Duntreath and the Edmonstons descending from this Archibald Edmonston who names his land Leith. Maybe we will be able to someday put it all together and have it proved. I am firmly convinced that the records exist, if we could just get enough people interested in researching and pooling our efforts.

Here are some Edmonston records that Louise has sent with identifying sources in most cases:


At the battle of Flodden, King James, his army and fleet met with a disastrous defeat. From "The Story of Leith":
"But what of Leith? Tradition, legend tune, and song record the part towns like Edinburgh, Selkirk, and Hawick played in this much storied battle; but how may Leithers, if asked, could tell what share their town took in the Flodden Campaign? And yet, when we turn to the accounts of the King's ships, the story ofLeith's part is at once revealed. The men of Leith and Newhaven, as one might have guessed, were with the fleet; for their country has never called when they have not heard. Their very names are all set down, and run to hundreds. First on the list come the Bartons, of whom there were no fewer than seven, followed by their relations the Edmonstones and the Kers, who with the Richardsons, lived in North Leith."

Ed; Leith is a small town now part of Edinburgh right on the Firth of Forth. Robert and Archibald Edmonston must have thought that the Potomac and Chesapeake were very similar to their Scottish port.

"Apprentice Indentures"

Liber HG #2 (GME #1), Frederick Co., Maryland, page 4: "We the subscribers. Justices of the Peace in and for the County of Frederick in the State of Maryland by virtue of the act of Assembly entitled 'an act for the better regulation of apprentices' have bound out and placed and by these present to bind out and place as an apprentice with his own consent, Thomas Edmonston, an orphan aged seventeen years, the Twenty-second day of October last unto Lewis Birsley, paper maker, until he the said Thomas Edmonston shall arise to the age of twenty one years, during which time he shall well and truly behave and conduct and demonstrate himself in every respect as a good and faithful apprentice ought to do toward his said master and the said master shall furnish and provide for his said apprentice, good and sufficient meal, drink, clothes washing, and other requisite necessaries during his apprenticeship to cause him to be taught to read, write, count up accounts and also to teach him the art of paper making in

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the different branches thereof and when free to give his said apprentice a suit of cloths worth thirty dollars or in current money as the said apprentice may chose.
Witness our hands and seals this Thirtieth day of May 1818.
In the register of Wills for Frederick County, Maryland
Signed; Andrew Smith and Levin Hays.


(1811 to 1831, page 98)
"The Court appoints Tyson Beall and Josiah Jones to review and report to the Court the yearly value of the Real Estate belonging to Archibald Edmonston, a minor and report in writing the situation of the dwelling houses and other improvements as the law directs. Saturday, August 14, 1824, Copy Delivered."

Louise has noted that this Archibald is the son of Robert, son of Roger, son of Archibald, and son of Archibald Sr., son of Robert Edmonston, the immigrant.

From the Washington Post, dated February 10, 1911:

(Weather forecast: fair today, light to moderate north
winds, temperature yesterday 35, minimum 30)

"Fight for Millions"

Beall and Edmonston Heirs Seek Title to Lands
District Tracts Involved
Will Produce Original Grants to Dispute Government
Big Fund Amassed to conduct Legal Battles in Courts
Affecting Rights to
Properties Here, in Georgetown, Maryland, and Virginia—
-Civil Proceedings Invited to Test Titles—
Search Being Made for Missing Will of Thomas

"Rigid investigation into the titles to millions of dollars worth of land in and around Washington D.C., which will involve perhaps one of the most sensational legal fights ever waged in the history of the District courts by former Representative J. Golszier, of Chicago, on behalf of the Western descendants of Colonel Ninian Beall and Archibald Edmonston.

Colonel Beall and Mr. Edmonston were two of the original owners of large tracts of land in Washington and Georgetown and in Maryland and Virginia, and their descendants assert the government has discovered it does not legally own all the lands it has been laying title to. The heirs say they have as evidence documents covering the original granting of the lands in question, and that it is their intention to compel the present holders of disputed properties to establish their titles or relinquish all claim.

Mr. Golszier is delving into the archives of the District courts and in a few days he will begin action to force the issue to final adjustment.

Big Fund to Fight Case

The descendants of Col. Beall and Mr. Edmonston have raised an enormous fund to be used in defraying the expenses of a rigid research into the legality of the present titles.

The bill recently introduced in the Senate by Senator Scott of West Virginia, who is chairman of the title investigation commission of the District, which will enable the United States to acquire possession of and a clear title to all lands in Washington now in dispute, Archibald Edmonston, of Jefferson City, Missouri, one of the claimants, who is here, says establishes beyond a doubt just what his relatives have been contending for years, that the government has discovered it does not legally own all the lands it has been laying a claim and title to. In his opinion, this admission will be made public after the bill has passed Congress, and the government then will proceed to sue to obtain a clear title.

Civil proceedings of this kind are what the Edmonstons are anxious to have instituted, they assert, as it will then enable them to introduce as evidence records and documents covering the original granting of the lands in question, and the present holders of the disputed properties then must establish their own titles to all land they now hold.


A missing will, the last wishes and testament of Thomas Edmonston, No. 1, is being sought for by Attorney Golszier. When the record of it is found, it will assist materially in establishing the claims of the Edmonstons, it is believed, and clear away much of the mystery of how the lands at issue passed into the possession of those who transferred them to the government.

Among the Washington lands at issue are tracts along the Eastern branch and the eastern half of what was the "flats" in Georgetown, and others in Maryland and Virginia adjacent to the District.

The only living direct descendants of Thomas Edmonston are Archibald T. Edmonston, of Jefferson City, Missouri; Felix W. Edmonston, of St. Louis; Mrs. Helen Helmeke; and Mrs. Matilda Vieser, of Chicago; Mrs. E. M. Fuller, of Clinton, Illinois; and J. G. Edmonston, of Luray, Virginia. All other Edmonstons are descendants of the brothers of Thomas Edmonston, and therefore have no connection with the Washington lands, but will come in for a share of the Montgomery County properties.

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Attorney Golszier has brought with him to Washington copies of all papers, records, and other documents which he will use in his researches. He will enlist the services of all Edmonstons and relatives in and around Washington and Baltimore in his effort to get to the bottom of the case.

Editorial Notes: Many families were duped by scam artists that played upon a lack of knowledge about land transactions. I have a similar article from my family of Coppocks/Coates in which they were supposed to be recovering a major chunk of Philadelphia. The attorneys took the money, and did nothing for it. They even put out an occasional newsletter to bring the family the big news for a few years. It would be very interesting to get all of the correspondence that was generated.

Index to Particular "Register of Sasines" for Sheriffdoms of Edinburgh, Haddington, Linlithgow, and Bathgate, Volume 1, 1617 to 1623, Indexes No. 36.
(Note: Haddington is east of Edinburgh; Linlithgow and Bathgate are just west of Edinburgh)

The following are most likely a recording of deeds:

  1. Edmestoun, Laird of
    Dated October 14, 1623, Volume 8, Fol. 190, Edinburgh
  2. Edmondstoun (Adinstoun, Aldinstoun, Edmestoun, Edmounstoun, of that Ilk)
    James, his spouse is Isobel Hepbume
    Dated May 27, 1618, Volume 1, Fol. 167, Haddington
  3. Edmondstoun (Adinstoun, Aldinstoun, Edmestoun, Edmounstoun, of that ilk)
    Sir John Edmondstoun
    July 18, 1621, Vol. 4, Fol. 301, Edinburgh
    July 18, 1621, Vol. 4, Fol. 302, Edinburgh
    July 24, 1621, Vol. 4, Fol. 319, Edinburgh
    July 28, 1621, Vol. 4, Fol. 327 & 329, Edinburgh
    October 9, 1623, Vol. 8, Fol. 184, Edinburgh
  4. Richard Edmondstoun, his spouse is Margaret Hume
    September 10, 1621, Vol. 5, Fol. 54, Haddington
  5. John Edmondstoun of Natoun, his spouse Elizabeth Creichtoun
    June 19, 1619, Vol. 2, Fol. 194, Edinburgh
    Feb. 15, 1620, Vol. 3, Fol 42, Edinburgh
    December 28, 1620, Vol. 4, Fol. 62, Edinburgh
  6. Robert Edmondstoun, in ???, Ireland,
    June 12, 1619, Vol. 2, Fol. 193, Edinburgh

There are about 3 pages of land records with the Edmondstouns/Edmondstones on this record. It may be seen under LDS #64079, or 941, B4sp, No. 36, or you may order a copy from EFAB.

    A total of 418, 11 shillings and 8 1/2 pence was given by 
Henry Wright and Wm Smith Appraisers. Jno Magruder and James 
Bosswell were creditors and Janes Edmonston and John Beall 
were kin. 
    In her book, "Sidelights of Maryland History", Hester 
Dorsey Richardson gives, on page 34, "Cool Springs Level, 
granted to Archibald Edmonston, April, 28, 1717, 592 acres 
on the road fron Offutt's Cross Roads to the Great Falls 
of the Patomac on the north bank of this road." 
    Page 38, "Bear Garden Enlarged, surveyed for Archibald 
Edmonston, Nov. 10, 1716. 1265 acres. On the same page, 
Deer Park, Surveyed for Archibald Edmonston Feb. 14, 1720. 
682 acres. This grant lies between West Point and East 
Point Branches.
    Mrs. Richardson did not document these statements. 

Potomac River on the bottom, south side. Approximate location of the Edmonston property. This area was hardly populated prior to the Rev War. George Washington's property to the southwest of this location, further up the Potomac. See EFAB #117, page 18 for a better map. 12-14-98

The article above was sent by Elinor M. Edmonson, wife of Dr. Lawrence Davis Edmonson. Also some pictures of Duntreath. It would be interesting to follow the records for the sale of this 1900 acres in Washington D.C. Where did the records go from this lawsuit?? What are the laws about the transfer of property? If it was not all legal, then what??


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Louise attaches a note: "The Robert, No. 5 above, could very easily be the first Robert, son of John and Elizabeth Edmonstone, or he could be the son of Sir James Edmonstone and his last wife. Sir James died in 1618, and some Edmonstones say "in no way can he be the son of Sir James Edmonstone". But others also say, and I agree, he could possibly be his son. I do not have the month of the death of Sir James Edmonstone".

Another note says the following: (This is the Robert that settled in Prince George County, Maryland and died about December 14, 1695, and received payment for his work on St. James Parish Church in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.)

"Robert Edmonston was born in Midlothian, Scotland and was married. The earliest record of his presence in Maryland is 1689 when he served as a witness in an estate transaction. He was a carpenter by trade. During the March Court of 1696, Prince George's County, Maryland, March 3, Archibald Edmonston was appointed administrator of the "estate of Robert Edmonston, his father. Liber 16, Folio 141. On April 29, 1696, Archibald presented to the court "an inventory of his father Robert's estate." For nearly two years, suits were brought against Archibald "as the only surviving heir of his father's estate", the last during the November Court of 1698, with the judgement against Archibald. Scottish Church Records in the LDS library show two Robert Christenings during a relevant time period: One was on February 23, 1633 with the father listed as Johne Edmonstone, the other on September 2, 1636 with the father listed as Patrek Edmondston. (Louise Edmonston says that we are leaning toward the Robert son of John Edmonstone, but no proof. She also says; "This John Edmonstone, I think, is the 3rd son of Sir William Edmonstone and Isabel Haldane. John Edmonstone married Elizabeth Edmonstone, his cousin, and daughter of James Edmonstone, second son of Sir William Edmonstone and Isabel Haldane. John Edmonstone inherited the Lands of Broich after the death of Elizabeth. Their son Robert disappears at an early age. I think this Robert, Archibald's father, is the son of John Edmonstone and 2nd wife Catherine Curmingham. Robert is not mentioned in the will of Catherine Edmonstone, dated 1690.)

Descendants of Sir James Edmonstone

1   Sir James Edmonstone
    b: Abt. 1530 6th Laird ofDuntreath, 1580-1618 Mortgaged Duntreath
    +Helen Stirling   b: Abt. 1538 in Keir
  2   William Edmonstone
      b: Abt. 1560 d: 1629 in 7th of Duntreath, and ofRedhall, Antrim, Ireland 1618-1629
      +Isobel Haldane  b: Abt. 1565
    3   Archibald Edmonstone b: 1590 d: 1637m
        8th of Duntreath, and ofRedhall, 1629-1637
        + Jean Hamilton   b: 1595 in Halcraig, Lanarkshire
      4   William Edmonstone b: Abt. 1616
      4   Archibald Edmonstone b: 1620 d: 1689
          9th ofDuntreath, and ofRedhall, 1637-1689
          +AnnaHelna     b: 1640
      4   Helen Edmonstone b: Abt. 1622
      4   Jean Edmonstone b: Abt. 1624
    3   James Edmonstone    b: Abt. 1594
    3   John Edmonstone     b: Abt. 1596 (Louise believes that
        this is the father of the Robert that died in 1695)
    3   Robert Edmonstone   b: Abt. 1600
    3   Andrew Edmonstone  b: Abt. 1602
    3   Helen Edmonstone    b: Abt. 1598
    3   Jean Edmonstone   b: Abt. 1606
  2   Mary Edmonstone      b: Abt. 1562
  2   Marjory Edmonstone   b: Abt. 1564
  2   Helen Edmonstone     b: Abt. 1566
*2nd Wife of Sir James Edmonstone:
   +Margaret Colquhoun   b: Abt. 1540 in Luss m: 1585
  2   Robert Edmonstone
      b: Abt. 1590 in Cadet branch in America, not likely, unless he had children
      It is said that he was unmarried.
  2   Elizabeth Edmonstone  b: Abt. 1592

Edmondsons in Australia

From Marilyn Smith, 1544 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach, 4221, Queensland, Australia. E-mail: jams(a)bigpond.com

Hello Orvan; Just a bit about my Edmondsons as requested. Christopher Dawson EDMONDSON was born about 1836 in Settle, Yorkshire to Christopher, an Attorney, and Sarah nee' WATSON. He arrived in Melbourne January 3, 1853 on the 'Janet Mitchell', 17 years of age and a Gent. m January 1854 his elder brother, Edward, arrived on the 'Birmingham', 23 years of age, also a Gent. Edward was to marry twice, work in both Victoria and across the Bass Strait in the state of Tasmania. He was a Labourer, School Teacher and Accountant, had 11 children and died at age 61 when his youngest child was 2. Christopher appears to have been mainly involved with gold mining in Victoria until he moved to Wellington, New South Wales, where he became an Inn-Keeper and in 1865, after his partner, Eliza, died as a result of a fall from a horse, he opened a Store. The birth of a daughter, Sarah, at Wellington was registered under the name of EDMONDS as was the Licence of the Inn. Three years later Sarah, 3, and youngest son, Alfred, 9, drowned on the same day. In September 1875, Christopher has registered his first gold mining lease at Maytown in Northern Queensland. He applied for a pension in 1908 and died at Mt. Morgan, QLD, in 1910 with only one son still living in Sydney, NSW.

There are a couple of little stories in the family Orvan, one of which I would have liked to have set right before my grandfather. Henry, died in 1982. Grandad always said he was told his father. Henry, died in a massive mine cave-in; so disastrous that they didn't try to find the men but just left the mine as it was. He said he never believed this but thought his father had changed his name and ran off and left the family. The truth, as we have found, was on a gold mining expedition with his father, Christopher, he died of pleurisy and an asthma attack. Christopher buried him in an un-official grave at Mount Usher near Mt.Morgan, reported it to authorities at Rockhampton two weeks later not bothering to mention that his son had a 'wife' and children. Henry also never married his partner. Sarah had been deserted by her husband. The other story probably tells us the reason Christopher traveled so far from Wellington. A story in the Edmondson family was that "Aunty Mary married the Prime Minister of Australia, Billy Hughes". This was something that baffled Mum because she couldn't find any connection no matter which way she tried to follow it through. After purchasing a book at the Wellington Museum we think we have the answer. Christopher's partner in the Store was a Thomas Campbell. Thomas formed a

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relationship with a 'widow" IIanson. A child born to them in 1873 was Thomas Christopher another in 1874 was Mary. It was this Mary who married Billy Hughes. My Mum firmly believes that Mary was Christopher's daughter. Christopher died before her marriage to Billy so other family members knew something. His Saiah, who was born at Wellington was registered as Sarah Anne but a stone laid in the cemetery in memory of his wife and two children, names her Sarah Mary. Every family needs it's yarn! I guess if the Campbclls ever hear it, I might have to put the boxing gloves on and meet them out the back. Regards, Marilyn.

A Difficult Family

By Kenneth Edmondson
First Generation Aussie

I was recently re-reading a book on Genealogy which I purchased some years ago. The book used an example of a person researching his family and the manner in which he was able to approach the subject. The man concerned had been left family portraits and a box of documents, which included antique documents on vellum! One of his serious difficulties was in translating the old script. Would that the rest of us should be so lucky!

My Edmondson family were very ordinary people, and although the name may not be common in Bristol, England, where I was born, or in Canberra, Australia where I now live, it is very common in parts of Northern England. My understanding is that this is the part of England where Vikings from Norway landed and colonised. Thus we have an anglicised Norwegian name. Edmondsons seem to have switched backwards and forwards across the border, no doubt changing allegiance depending on how good the cattle rustling was. In the sixteenth Century Sir William Edmonstoune, the Keeper of Doune Castle died at Flodden Field alongside his King, James IV of Scotland. However very few of us could claim such illustrious ancestors.

It is likely that the first Edmondson I have on record in my own family, Edward Edmondson, came from the North, as that was my father's understanding. He was born about 1800 but I have not been able to trace his birth. Being a Sailor, however, he appears to have moved between, Bristol, London, and Liverpool, all being important ports . After his marriage to Maria Hill, who came from Pembury, Carmarthenshire ( the Pembury sands are famous as the site of Malcolm Campbell's early speed records in 'Bluebird) at St Paul's Church in Bristol, on 3 Sept 1827, they must have moved to London quite soon as their first son Edward, was born in Poplar on 21 Jan 1829. This lack of originality in names is another factor in the "difficulties' with my Edmond5on family as Edward appears to be a very popular name for Edmondsons throughout England, hi consequence I have taken a chance in looking for another Edward who might be his father, but so far have not found any which might fit.

His next son, William was born about 1832, in Blackwall, London - I guess they moved again - and the last child, John, in Liverpool in September 1838. In the 1851 Census the family was back in Bristol living at 17 Narrow Plain, a district which would have been just outside the old city. Maria was then 47 years old and her husband is not resident, only her three sons. Presumably the father, Edward, was dead. The large gaps between children are unusual for the times. They may of course denote long periods at sea, as might his absence in 1851, but Edward's death has not been found.

I know little about William except that he married an Emily from Bath, Somersethire at some time, and nothing about John after the 1851 census details. The two elder sons did not follow their father to the sea, both being employed as labourers. Later, Edward seems to have gone up in the world a little as on the marriage certificate of his son Edward Charles he is described as a Haulier.

The younger Edward settled in Bristol and married Mary Ann Jenkins, daughter of Richard Jenkins, an anchor smith. She was born on 4 November 1830 in Bristol. They were married at the Church of the Holy Trinity on 15 September 1857. This church is of interest as it was built as a second church in the Parish of St Philip and St Jacob, but appears to have been used for Baptisms and Weddings for a short period only. Another member of the family was married by the Vicar of Holy Trinity, but in the church of St Philip and St Jacob. Mary Ann was, as was common at the time, illiterate and could only make her mark on the Marriage Certificate. Jenkins is a Welsh name, but there were several families of that name living in the Sts Philip and Jacob area, of Bristol, and nearer the docks, at the 1841 census, though I cannot recognise this family. Wales is of course only across the Severn from Bristol and there is easy access between them.

At the 1871 and 1881 censuses, this Edward was living at 5 Upper Cheese Lane, close to Holy Trinity Church, with his family. His date of death is not known.

Edward and Mary Ann had four known children. The eldest, Edward Charles was born on 13 October at 7 Broad Plain, Bristol. These "Plains" were in earlier times simply areas outside the city walls, possibly used as training areas for the town militia, and became areas for the erection of poorer housing outside the city proper. William John (still a lack of originality in names but at least there was a second name which appears to have been used) was also born in Bristol on 9 September 1860. Little is known about his life. He married Mary Ann Homer Woodley in Holy Trinity Church on 23 April 1882. The Homer in her name probably denotes the maiden name of her mother or grandmother, a common occurrence. The remarkable tiling about this is that my wife has Homer ancestors too, in fact it is strange how my wife's forebears and my own follow one another around Bristol, often living in the same street. William's death is recorded on an undertaker's memorial card which dates it on 13 December 1906. His sister Ann was born on 13 July 1863 and at the age of 17 years was a labourer in a paper factory. About Ann and her younger sister Clara, who was just a schoolgirl at the time of the 1881 census, no more is known. The dates of birth of these children are recorded in a page from a family Bible, long gone, but are confirmed by the ages at census time and by the GRO records which have made research so much easier after 1837.

Edward Charles was, like his father , a labourer. He was married twice. Here I must tell a small story, hi my family's possession, ever since I can remember, has been an apprenticeship indenture for an Annie Eastman who was bound to her master, Charles Cotter, for training as a machinist for a wage of ten shillings a year. No one

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knew who Annie Eastman was, until a lew weeks ago. I found the GRO record for the first marriage of Edward Charles Edmondson (and it turned out to be the correct one) and obtained a copy. He married Annie Eastman in St Paul's Church, Bristol on 21 December 1879. She was the daughter of William Christopher Eastman and born in Bristol in 1858. William Eastman was a cut above in the social scale as he was a dealer in antique China. I have a pair of Staffordshire china dogs, which I understood were the property of my great grandmother. I wonder whether they are in fact a gift from William Eastman to his daughter.

Edward and Annie had two children, to my knowledge. They were my aunts (half Aunts to be precise) Mabel Annie Edmondson was born on 1st August 1882 in Bristol and baptised on 2nd September 1882, the record being in St James church, the remaining part of the old Augustinian Priory near the Horsefair. There is a small puzzle here too. There is also a record other baptism on 15 October in the same church. The possible explanation is that she was a sick child and was baptised as an emergency on 2nd September, and then properly baptised in the church when she was well. It certainly could not have been a serious illness as I remember her from my childhood as a large lady with flaming red hair. I think she may have been married. I have no memory of what happened to her, but these were days when children were not told about death. Annie, her younger sister, was born on 5th September 1885 and baptised in St James on 30 September 1885. She did not marry and ended her days in the Trinity Almshouses in Old Market, Bristol in the 1960s. I have enquired of the authorities who are now responsible for these elderly people's accommodations whether they had a record of her death. The records now are with the City Records Office and since they wanted £ 30 an hour to look for the date, I am continuing to search the GRO index.

Following the death of Annie Eastman, probably about 1886, Edward married Amelia Oke Rogers, daughter of Thomas Langbridge Rogers and Eliza Knowles. She was at the time a nurse looking after an elderly musician and his daughter in Clifton, Bristol. Here are two interesting second given names. Amelia was named Oke after her paternal grandmother, Amelia Oke, who came from Cornwall. She has become a difficult person to trace and probably her baptism hides in the parish records of the country parishes around Bude, where there are several families of that name. Thomas is also probably named Langbridge after a grandparent as yet undiscovered. His father George Rogers married Amelia Oke at the church of St Paul, Bristol on 9 November 1824. Only a few years earlier an Edith Oke married a Thomas Langbridge at the same church. There must be a connection which I have not discovered. They had nine children including Amelia Oke Rogers.

The association of the family with the Knowles family brought a strong rural influence. The Knowles family are from Somerset and all those I have uncovered , back to 1720, are from Yatton, although some moved to Bristol. It is interesting that a rural area is so much easier to research Ulan a town, probably due to more accurate parish records and to the static nature of the population.

Edward Charles and Amelia Oke Edmondson had four children, one of whom, George Charles died at the age of two and a half. Edward Charles died in 1901 leaving Amelia to raise the children, taking in washing for a living. I Ie must have been active in community work as I have a sash that names him as "Chief Ranger, Court 1814, Ancient Order of Foresters".

The eldest son, Edward Thomas born 3 April 1888, joined the Veterinary Corps in WWI, so I assume that he had worked with horses before. I know nothing about his life after except that he married Lucy and had one daughter, Dorothy who still lives in Bristol. My father Albert William Edmondson was born on 20 December 1894. He was a bright young person but had poor eyesight. At the age of eleven he was given a scholarship to a prestigious school in Bristol but before taking it up he was involved in an accident when a horse and cart slipped on a hill and he was unconscious for several days. The scholarship was withdrawn. He worked for a tailor for awhile and when WWI broke out he also volunteered for the Army. He was rejected three times because of his sight but in 1917 was accepted as a medical orderly in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). He served at a military hospital in France and his diary indicated that he liked New Zealanders but did not get on with Australians. I am surprised that he did not try to dissuade me from emigrating to Australia in 1956. In WW2 he was much too old for the Services but joined the Civil Defence Rescue Service and spent the period of the Blitzes in Bristol shoring up damaged buildings and digging out survivors. I find it hard to imagine a short, not very fit man doing this but he felt it was his duty. He died on 25 January 1961. His young brother Henry Gilbert was born on 19 November 1896. m 1913 he joined the Army and eventually became a Medical Orderly in the RAMC. He contracted meningococeal meningitis and died on 19 February 1915, not long after his 18th birthday. I have a postcard from his girlfriend, Lilly, posted a short time before he died which says "I hope that you are not feeling the cold too much". It has a swastika on it, which was then a sign of good luck.

My father married Florence Louisa Payne, born 23 September 1897, at the church of St Philip and St Jacob on 25 July 1925. It was a double wedding as her younger sister was married at the same time. They had two children, my sister, Phyllis Kathleen Edmondson on 7 March 1927, and myself, Kenneth William Edmondson on 8 March 1929. I should have been Keith, but my mothers best friend had her son the day before and called him Keith. I am glad of that! My grandmother Amelia Oke Edmondson died on 6 March 1930, just before my first birthday. I married Jill Annctte Martin on 18 December 1954, while serving in the RAMC as medical officer to a British Cavalry Regiment. There must be something in the genes. My father died on 26 January 1961 and my mother on 8 January 1988. I am now a retired physician.

We have five children. The eldest is a nurse who takes his pleasure in gardening; the next is a sales manager who enjoys four wheel driving in the bush; the next a dental therapist who also takes aerobics classes; the next an occupational therapist who runs long distances; and the youngest a molecular biologist who enjoys triathlons and bike racing. Between them they have nine children, including two with flaming red hair, none of whom, although they show promise, are yet old enough to decide where their lives will go. They all have different personalities and it is fascinating to wonder where the genes came from. I hope that they will find our records of their forebears as interesting as I do.
Ken Edmondson

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Descendants of Edward Edmondson and Maria Hill

1.    Edward Edmondson b. c. 1800, BRISTOL, occupation Sailor, Labourer,
      m. 3 Sep 1827, in ST PAULS BRISTOL., Maria Hill, b. 1803, Pembury, 
      Carmarthenshire, Wales, (daughter of unknown and ___ Unknown) 
      occupation Charwoman, d. ?? Edward died c. 1844, BRISTOL.
         2.      i    Edward b. 1 Jan 1829.
                 ii   John Edmondson b. Sept 1838, Liverpool, d.?

                        Second Generation
2.    Edward Edmondson b. 1 Jan 1829, Poplar, London,
      occupation Labourer, m. 15 Sep 1857, in HOLY TRINITY, St
      Philips, BRISTOL, Mary Ann Jenkins, b. 4 Nov 1830, BRISTOL,
      (daughter of Richard Jenkins and ___ Unknown) 
      occupation Book Binder, d. ?? ???. Edward died c. 1875-80, BRISTOL.
         3.      i    Edward Charles b. 13 Oct 1858.
         4.      ii   William John b. 9 Sep 1860.
                 iii  Anne Edmondson b. 13 Jul 1863, BRISTOL,
                      occupation Labourer Paper Factory, d. ??
                 iv   Clara Edmondson b. 21 May 1869, BRISTOL, d. ??

                        Third Generation
3.    Edward Charles Edmondson b. 13 Oct 1858, Clifton, BRISTOL, occupation Laborer,
      m. (1) 2 Oct 1887, in ST GEORGE BRANDON HELL BRISTOL ENGLAND, Amelia Oke Rogers,
      b. 21 May 1856, York Place, St Augustine's, Bristol, (daughter of Thomas
      Langbridge Rogers and Eliza Knowles) occupation Nurse, Cleaner,
      d. 6 Mar 1930, 24 EVE ROAD EASTON BRISTOL ENGLAND, buried: Mar 1930,
      BRUNSWICK CEMETERY BRISTOL, m. (2) Dec 1879, in BRISTOL, Ann ?, b. ?? ???,
      d. 1885?. Edward died 6 Jul 1901, BRISTOL.
                      Children by Amelia Oke Rogers:
         5.      i    Edward Thomas b. 3 Apr 1888.
                 ii   George Charles Edmondson b. 1 Mar 1893, BRISTOL,
                      d. 1 Oct 1895, BRISTOL, buried:
                      Unitarian Burial Ground, Brunswick Chapl.
         6.      iii  Albert William b. 20 Dec 1894.
                 iv  Henry Gilbert Edmondson b. 19 Nov 1896,
                      BRISTOL, occupation Medical Orderly
                      RAMC, d. 19 Feb 1915, RAMC HOSPITAL
                      CHELMSFORD GLOS ENGLAND.
                      Children by Ann ?:
                 v    Ann Edmondson b. 13 Jul 1863, d. ??
4.    William John Edmondson b. 9 Sep 1860, BRISTOL, occupation Unknown,
      m. ? ??? ????, ___ Unknown, b. ? ????. William died 13 Dec 1906, BRISTOL.
                 i    Ethel Edmondson b. ?? 1893, d. ??

                      Fourth Generation
5.    Edward Thomas Edmondson b. 3 Apr 1888, BRISTOL, m. ?
      Lucy ?, b. ??, d. ?? Edward died 14 Feb 1932, 50
      1932, Greenbank Cemetery BRISTOL.
                 i    Dorothy Edmondson b. ?? 1926.
6.    Albert William Edmondson b. 20 Dec 1894, 2 HIRAM PLACE ALFRED HILL BRISTOL UK,
      occupation Clerk, m. 25 Jul 1925, in ST PHILIP AND ST JACOB BRISTOL ENGLAND,
      Florence Louisa Payne, b. 23 Sep 1897, 4 ARTHUR STREET BRISTOL ENGLAND,
      (daughter of Arthur Payne and Lucy Louise Screen) occupation Housewife,
      d. 31 Dec 1987, CLEVEDON AVON ENGLAND, buried: 8 Jan 1988, BRISTOL SOUTH
         7.      i    Phyllis Kathleen b. 7 Mar 1927.
         8.      ii   Kenneth William b. 8 Mar 1929.

                      Fifth Generation
7.    Phyllis Kathleen Edmondson b. 7 Mar 1927, Totterdown, Bristol, England,
      occupation Typist, m. 7 Mar 1953, in CHRISTCHURCH HENGROVE BRISTOL ENGLAND,
      Gwyn Plaister, b. 3 May 1927.
                 i    Anne Louise Plaister b. 18 Feb 1963, Keynsham Bristol England,
                      occupation Insurance Clerk, m. 14 Feb 1987, in ALL SAINTS WALTON
                      CLEVEDON AVON ENGLAND, Mark Bush, b. ?????. Anne
                      died 28 May 1989, Bath Somerset England.
8.    Kenneth William Edmondson b. 8 Mar 1929, 78 Richmond St Totterdown Bristol UK,
      occupation Medical Practitioner, m. 18 Dec 1954, in CHRISTCHURCH HENGROVE BRISTOL,
      Jill Annette Martin, b. 2 May 1933, 37 Ponsford Rd, KNOWLE BRISTOL, (daughter of
      Charles Thomas Martin and Edith Querina Evans) occupation Medical Records.
         9.      i    James Charles b. 7 May 1956.
         10.     ii   Nicholas Julian b. 9 Nov 1957.
         11.     iii  Sarah Louise b. 30 Apr 1959.
         12.     iv   Dina Livia b. 30 Jun 1961.
         13.     v    Rebecca Jane b. 7 Aug 1965.

                       Sixth Generation
9.    James Charles Edmondson b. 7 May 1956, SOUTHMEAD HOSP WESTBURY-ON-TRYM BRISTOL,
      occupation Registered Nurse, m. 12 Jul 1986, in GOOD SHEPHERD CURTIN ACT AUSTRALIA,
      Amanda Mary Goodspeed, b. 21 Jun 1961, BETHESDA HOSPITAL MELBOURNE VIC AUST,
      (daughter ofMorley James Goodspeed and Janet Elizabeth Cook).

--page 28--

10.   Nicholas Julian Edmondson b. 9 Nov 1957, PORT FAIRY HOSPITAL VIC AUSTRALIA,
      occupation Corporate Development, m. 15 Mar 1986, in NATIONAL BOTANIC GARDENS ACT
11.   Sarah Louise Edmondson b. 30 Apr 1959, PORT FAIRY HOSPITAL VIC AUSTRALIA,
      occupation Dental Therapist, m. 4 Jun 1983, in GOOD SHEPHERD CURTIN ACT AUSTRALIA,
      Richard Armand Ausscrlechner, b. 16 Oct 1959, Victor Harbour South Australia,
      (son of Richard Ausserlechner and Margaret Frey) occupation Accounts clerk.
12.   Dina Livia Edmondson b. 30 Jun 1961, WARRNAMBOOL HOSPITAL VIC AUSTRALIA, occupation
      Occupational Therapist, m. 3 Jun 1989, in GOOD SHEPHERD CURTIN ACT AUSTRALIA,
      Adrian Lament Bodley, b. 30 Aug 1962, EPSOM AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND,
13.   Rebecca Jane Edmondson b. 7 Aug 1965, BOX HILL HOSPITAL VICTORIA AUSTRALIA,
      occupation Molecular Biologist, m. 17 Mar 1990, in GOOD SHEPHERD CURTIN
      ACT AUSTRALIA, Geoffrey Osbome, b. 14 Apr 1963, (son of Lyall Osbome and Margaret
      May Owen) occupation Lab Manager.

Dear Orvan; What a nice surprise to hear from you. A greater surprise since my experience has been rather like yours; you are the first person ever to reply to all my efforts to find someone interested in the Edmondson name. The result is of course that I have concentrated on the other names in my family, for example BAAB, SCREEN, KNOWLES, TOVEY, ROGERS and PAYNE. Some of these are of course rather uncommon which makes it easier to make progress.

I have attached a text file (Word Perfect 7) which will summarise for you my rather small knowledge of my Edmondson family. It is very difficult to get beyond the 1837 barrier, especially living so far away from the UK (I live in Australia) as I am unable to get at Parish Records. This coupled with the itinerant nature of the family - you will see that sons have been born in towns many miles apart makes to compound the difficulty. While there may have been only a few Edmondsons in the west of England, there are large numbers in the North, especially around the Borders and the names are too often repeated.

I must say that I envy the records systems in the USA which have been kept so dilligently for the benefit of later generations. Here in Australia our records have never been good. We not only have to contend with poor transcriptions, omissions and sometimes large errors in dates, but our recorders, in their wisdom , have destroyed the evidence collected in censuses completely except for one small census in New South Wales (at the time little more than Sydney) in 1830.

There is perhaps a small way in which I might change your own thoughts. Do not think that your ancestor John necessarily came from Lancashire just because that is the greatest concentration of the name. I have a copy of the Bristol Registers of Servants sent to Foreign Plantations, from 1654 to 1686. These exist because the City Council was concerned about the possibility (if not probability) of young people being swindled by masters of ships or of plantations in the Amcricas. They in consequence passed a law that all such agreements be registered. I do not know that other Cities passed similar laws, but it may be worth investigating. There are several Edmonds and Edmunds in the lists, the one which might be of most interest to you being a John Edmunds who was, in 1661 engaged as a servant to J Bragg of Virginia for 4 years. Another John Edmonds, of Cornwall, was in 1685 engaged by John Napper for 3 years in Jamaica. This John Napper seems to have been somewhat of an entrepreneur, since in the same year he also engaged James Watkins of Madley, Hereford; William Payne of Bristol, silk weaver: Francis Dately of Gloucester hat maker, David Williams of Michel Troy, Monmouthshire; Jacob Boyce of the Lea, Hereford; Robert Dickenson of Bristol; Davies John of Llandarvy, Carmarthen: Thomas Harris of Gloucester, Collier, John Carter of Bristol; Thomas Hillman of Bristol, joiner: Israel Batt of Bishops Hull; and William George of Shepton Mallet Somerset, cordwainer.
Quite a haul!
I regret that my small knowledge may be of little use to you, but maybe one day one of your group may be of great help to me.

I recall some years ago when I was on business at Duke University, Durham NC, noting that the telephone directory contained about four pages of Edmondsons, including, I think, the State's Attorney General. I did not have the effrontery to phone and say "Hi" Thank you for you letter;
Ken Edmondson, 16 Flanagan Street, Garran ACT 2605, Australia.
E-mail: kedmondson(a)bigpond.com

From John Edmondson, son of EFAB member
David Edmondson, Cumbria, England, near Kendall.
E-mail: JohnEdmondson(a)hydro.com

My father, David Edmondson who lives in the UK at Staveley, Cumbria gave me your E-mail address. I thought you might be interested in the following results from this year's Great North Run. This is one of the world's largest half marathons, having 35,000 entrants. The 13.1 mile course goes from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, across the Tyne Bridge then east to finish near the sea coast at South Shields. I live in South Shields and have run in the event 9 times. This year was my best run yet, finishing in Ihr 36 mins - and the second fastest Edmondson in the event!

Here is a list of all the Edmondson's who finished:

   NAME                       POSITION    TIME (hr:min:sec)
   EDMONDSON, Claire Louise   19483       2:19:17
   EDMONDSON, Frederick       12525       2:03:05
   EDMONDSON, Gail            13527       2:05:19
   EDMONDSON, Gerald          1280        1:30:25
   EDMONDSON, John            3394        1:40:39
   EDMONDSON, John            3216        1:39:57
   EDMONDSON, John Mark       2265        1:36:01
   EDMONDSON, Patricia Maria  8235        1:53:36
   EDMONDSON, Paula Jane      11826       2:01:43
   EDMONDSON, Tony            8004        1:53:05
   EDMUNDSON, Ben John        24822       2:37:58
   EDMUNDSON, David           13843       2:06:00
   EDMUNDSON, Dean Anthony    23101       2:30:30
   EDMUNDSON, Ian Graham      24831       2:38:00
   EDMUNDSON, Jamie           24825       2:37:59
   EDMISTON, Joanne           4272        1:43:40
   EDMISTON, Patricia Anne    23799       2:33:24
Regards, John

--page 29--

Ed; USA Edmonson brothers, editor Orvan and brother Doug must boast of their times. At the age of 44, Orvan ran the first half marathon of a full marathon at under 1:26 in all 5 marathons run.
Brother Doug claims:
I ran 1:11:30 in my heyday for the half marathon (2:30 for the full) but am now a 3 miles a day, three days a week, runner in my old age of 50. My son, Ben, ran his first marathon in 3:46 last winter and my other son, Zach, was the 800m state champ of Missouri (1:54). He attends the University of Minnesota on a partial track scholarship.

From Helen Edmondson Bendelow;
Niece of David Edmondson of Stavely, cousin to runner John Appleby, Cumbria, England (Near Crosby-Garrett and Kirkby Stephens) E-mail: Carl_Bendelo(a)compuserve.com

Hi David; Have been busy getting to grips with basic computer skills and also entering info on to FTM. I bought myself a copy and have consequently got a manual which has helped me to no end!! It has taken me forever to enter info and I am nowhere near finished. Some 25 years of data takes some doing!

I have tentatively traced my Edmondson family back from Hull in East Yorkshie to Bradford in West Yorkshire, but cannot confirm it yet. Problem being that John age 34 (m Louisa Burton) in 1861 census said he was born Hull, but in 1881 says he was b Bradford. I have not been able to find him in Hull before 1860, but it is a big place to search and the 1851 index is incomplete for Hull.

Using IGI and your FTM data I was able to find a possible John b Bradford with (known) father, John. I have visited Bradford and checked the Parish Register of Bradford Cathedral (a wonderful building) which was the parish church at the time. There I found the family and that they lived in the Manningham area of the city.

Following on from that I went to Bradford Central Library yesterday and searched the census records. They have an excellent and detailed card index for Bradford for 1851.and I was able to find the family on it in Manningham.

Then I looked at the same area / address for 1861 and found me family, but no John, which was great because if this is the correct family he should be in Hull!! However to be more sure I must wait for the index to Bradford to be published. I believe it is not far off, then I could be more certain he is not just in another suburb of the city.

I also found the family in 1841. It is all very interesting. I will return when I get the chance to look for further info - newspaper entries, various burial indexes etc. and also to look back in the parish records.

I have noted other Edmondson/ Edmundson families in my searches so have a fair bit of data on Bradford families. Do you know of anyone else researching there? We might be able to help each other. I will get it typed up one day. In the mean time I have it if anyone would like a look up.

1) Name index to Bradford Parish Church Burials vol 2 Surnames C-G for 1681 - 1837
2) 1841 census for Bradford Surname index vols 1 & 3 ie Horton and Manningham; and East End .- these give me actual reference where you will find the entry on the census film. All these and other publications (in case you dont know!) are available from Bradford Family History Soc, via Ms Pat Barrow, 37 Churchfields, Fagley, Bradford, BD2 3JN
All details on their excellent website, where you can do a search on which volume contains the names you are interested in. Haven't got the address, but you get to it via Genuki.

You say you have changed your job. What are you doing now? Carl is getting on fine, but very busy. I too have got more teaching hours. I don't know where the days go to.
Hope this is all of some interest to you.
Best wishes to Bonnie and your family.
From Helen, in a rather damp England.

Descendants of Edward Edmondson

From Rick Edmondson of England

1  Edward Edmondson  +Elizabeth (___)
  2  Mary Edmondson
  2  Jenett Edmondson
  2  Elizabeth Edmondson
*2nd Wife of Edward Edmondson:   +Margrett Burrow m: 6 February 1671/72
  2  Ann Edmondson
  2  Margrett Edmondson
  2  Issabell Edmondson
  2  Mary Edmondson
  2  Richard Edmondson b: October 1674 d: May 1736
     +Mary Brand b: 1680 m: 5 October 1703 Father: William Brand
    3  Thomas Edmondson
    3  Margaret Edmondson
    3  Ruth Edmondson
    3  John Edmondson
    3  James Edmondson
    3  Mary Edmondson
    3  William Edmondson   b: 10 October 1710 d: February 1798 in Aldingham in Fumess
         +Elizabeth Lambert m: 1 July 1732 in Lancaster
         d: Abt. September 1749    Father: Thomas Lambert
      4  Richard Edmondson b: 13 April 1733
      4  Ann Edmondson     b: 15 October 1736
      4  William Edmondson b: 1 October 1738
      4  Mary Edmondson    b: 10 April 1743
      4  William Edmondson b: 5 October 1745
           +Anne Goad b: 1755 m: 15 August 1774 in Aldingham Lancashire
           d: December 1827 in Aldingham in Fumess
           Father: Joseph Goad   Mother: Bridget Postlethwaite

--page 30--

        5  John Edmondson b: Abt. 1775
        5  William Edmondson      b: February 1777
           +Mary Hunter b: Abt. 1782 m: 2 June 1805 in St Mary the Virgin, Ulverston
           d: February 1814 in Aldingham Lancashire
          6  Ann Edmondson       b: 4 March 1806
          6  John Edmondson       b: 14 March 1808
               +Mary Davis m: 28 March 1833 in St Mary Ulverston
            7  Rachel Jane Edmondson b: October 1834
          6  Thomas Edmondson b: 24 December 1810 Ulverston, Lancashire
                +Jane Barker b: 17 June 1809 in Sparkbridge, Lancashire m:1836
            7  Mary Anne Edmondson b: 27 September
            7  John Jackson Edmondson      b: 1 June 1845
              8  Hunter Edmondson     b: Abt. 1872
                   +SusanGraley b: Abt. 1873  Father: Thomas Graley
            7  Thomas Edmondson   b: 14 January 1848 in
                  Carlington Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool
            7  Jane Elizabeth Edmondson b; 21 January 1850
            7  Hunter Edmondson b: 12 January 1852 in 81 Park Road, Toxteth, Liverpool
                  d: March 1919 in Liverpool
                  +Amelia Maddrell b: 7 December 1851
                  at 88 St Anne Street, Islington, Liverpool
                  m: 9 October 1879 in St Timothy's Church, Everton, Liverpool
                  d: Abt. 1929 in Preston, Lancashire
                  Father: Thomas Parie Mother: Margaret Maddrell
              8  Edith Valentine Edmondson b: Abt. 1883
                    d: September 1941
                    +James Alexander Hardy b: Abt. 1882 m: Abt. March 1903
              8  Sydney Edmondson d: Bef. 1939  +Doris Edmondson
              8  Dolly Edmondson b: 9 August 1886
                    +Adrian Clapham m: 8 childre
              8  Harold Edmondson b: 15 August 1889 in
                    37 Empire Street, West Derby, Liverpool
                    d: 18 October 1957 in Rhyl, Wales
                    +Alice Emma Davies b: 9 April 1887 in 15
                    Cornwall Street, Everton, Liverpool
                    m: 1 February 1914 in St Annes Church, Stanley, Liverpool
                    d: 30 March 1981 in Bromley, Kent
                9  Eric Harold Edmondson   b: 12 December 1914   d: 12 July 1915
                9  Norah Edmondson b: 2-16-1916 in Liverpool
                       +Herbert Edward Haggins
                       b: 7 July 1917 in Essex County, Ontario, Canada
                       m: 27 August 1955 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
                       d: 6 June 1967 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada
                9  Ronald Edmondson b: 28 September 1917 Liverpool
                       +Margarct Long b: 27 December 1923 m: 25 August 1942
                9  Raymond Hunter Edmondson   b: 12 August 1943
                  10  Richard Hunter Edmondson "Rick"
                         b: 23 March 1949 Crayford, Kent
                         +Julia Annette Heath
                         b: 28 March 1951 Bromley, Kent
                         m: 30 June 1973 in St Georges, Bickley, Kent
                    11  James Hunter Edmondson   b: 21 November 1976 Bromley, Kent
                    11  Russell Hunter Edmondson   b: 2 May 1978 Bromie
                    11  Claudia Annette Hunter Edmondson
                           b: 27 March 1982, Homefield, Knockholt, Kent
                  10  Ronald Hunter Edmondson     b: 10 June 1951 in Crayford Kent UK
                  10  Ann Margaret Hunter Edmondson  b: 14 March 1964 in London
        *2nd Wife of William Edmondson:
            +Ann Felling m: 7 November 1750 in Poulton
            Le Sands d: February 1798 in Aldingham in Fumess  Father: James Felling
      4  Jane Edmondson
      4  Thomas Edmondson
      4  Margaret Edmondson    +Peter Hannah m: 8 September 1782
      4  John Edmondson b: 9 January 1749/50
            +Eleanor Jackson  m: Abt. 1785
            Father: William Jackson    Mother: Eleanor Simpson
        5  Elizabeth Edmondson     b: 1787
        5  Margaret Edmondson     b: 3 July 1789
        5  Sarah Edmondsonb: 1791
        5  Thomas Edmondson       b: 1794
        5  William Edmondson      b: 1796
        5  Jane Edmondson b: 1799
        5  William Edmondson      b: 1802
      4  James Edmondson b: 8 May 1752
           +Elizabeth Huddleston m: 8 February 1785
        5  James Edmondson       b: Abt. 1786
        5  Elizabeth Edmondson     b: Abt. 1787
        5  Ann Edmondson b: 3 February 1790
        5  Jane Edmondson b: Abt. 1792
        5  Mary Edmondson b: Abt. 1795
        5  John Edmondson b: Abt. 1797
        5  William Edmondson      b: Abt. 1800   +Elizabeth Monkhouse
        5  Thomas Edmondson      b: Abt. 1803
      *2nd Wife of James Edmondson:
         +Mary Clarkson    m: 12 April 1802
      4 Elizabeth Edmondson   b: Abt. 1754     +John Barton

--page 31--

From Kaye Nicholson, November 13,1998
This was submitted to the Murray/Whitfield County Historical Society by Conway Gregory April 28, 1975.

We sped so fast along the lane
The worn fence panels spun.
A horse went down, a dying face
Scowled darkly at the sky;
A bullet clipped my Comrade's hat
A lopped the brim away.
"Come Boys; Come On!" our leader cried.
Pell mell we struck the line
My Comrade's pistol spol it balls,
And likewise so did mine.
A swirl of smoke with rifts of fire
Enveloped friend and foe;
Death so embarrassed, hardly knew
Which way his strokes must go.
The fight closed in on every side.
And tore one spot of ground;
There was not room to swing an arm
or turn his horse around.
A moment thus and there we broke
The circle of our foes,
Old Hogan, in his doorway, heard
The crunching of our blows.
Then, while we used our pistol butts,
As swords on many a lead;
And yet, and yet, down int wood
We left our leader, dead.
So, now you know just how it was
We had our little fun,
Speeding our horses to keep up
With Tom Polk Edmondson

Thomas Polk Edmondson
and The "North Georgia Scouts"

I rode a horse, a dapple bay
Coal black his mane and tail
A horse that never needed a spur,
Nor curb, nor martingale
And by my side three others rode,
Sun-tanned, long-haired and grim,
Wild men led on by Edmondson,
Tom Polk, your've heard of him.
Behind us galloped, four by four,
A swarthy, mottled band
of reckless fellows, chosen from
the bravest in the land.
Whether away on that fair day?
Oh, just a dash of fun,
To speed our horses and keep up
With Tom Polk Edmondson
Behind our backs we left the hills;
We crossed the Salliquoy:
My right-hand Comrade smiled and said:
"I fished here when a boy."
Then from the rise at Hogan's house,
I saw as in a dream
Red-fringed and silver-blue and deep,
The Coosawatte gleam.
A shot rang out! A bullet split
The air so close to me,
I felt the keen hot puff, and then
A roar of musketry.
A leader wind blew from the wood;
We met it at a run;


James Maurice Thompson,

In the History of Murray County, 1911

Charles H. Shriner's History of Murray County contains an interesting little poem (above). The poem recalls a little known and almost forgotten skirmish between the 147th Illinois Infantry and the sixth Tennessee Cavalry and a small rag-tag force of Confederates which Thompson refers to as the "North Georgia Scouts." The leader of this rebel band is Major Thomas Polk Edmondson. The small force was composed largely of remnants of the once powerful Confederate Army of Tennessee. The main objective of this force was to harass the federal troops and sympathizers around Dalton, Georgia. Thompson served as a scout for the confederates and was engaged in the skirmish which took place along the Coosawattee River, near the Murray-Gordon County line. The engagement which took the life of Edmondson and inspired Thompson's poem occurred six days prior to General Robert E. Lee's surrender to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomatox.

Thomas Polk Edmondson, son of James and Rebecca Edmondson, was born in what is know today as the Chief Vaim House in Spring Place, Georgia in August 1844. He was the eighth child of nine children. Edmondson's father was a wealthy farmer owning not only a large plantation in Spring Place but also two large farms, one in May Hill Georgia (south of Spring Place and two miles from where I live) and another one near Jasper, Tennessee. The plantation in Spring Place stretched a distance of about four miles, from the Chief Vann House west to the Conasauga River. Each farm consisted of several thousand acres, and occupied between 35-40 slaves.

In 1863 James Edmondson, fearing the coming of the Union invasion of Georgia from nearby occupied Chattanooga, moved his family and slaves from his Spring Place and May Hill farms to a farm in Terrell County, near Dover, Georgia. Most of the Edmondsons continued to live in South Georgia after the war, but James and Rebecca returned to Spring Place following the end of the hostilities.

Tom Polk Edmondson and this entire Edmondson family strongly supported the tradition of slavery. They viewed slavery as an essential unit in the fabric of Southern Society. When the war finally erupted at Fort Sumter, Tom Polk Edmondson was among the first citizens of Murray County to enlist in the Southern Cause. He joined the "Murray Rifles" as a private on July 3, 1861 at the age of seventeen. The "Murray Rifles" went into the Confederate services as Company C 11th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army Of Northern Virginia. This regiment went on to serve under the command of Robert E. Lee. Tom Polk, however, was not destined to serve in this regiment for long. Nine days after his enlistment in the

--page 32--

"Murray Rifles," Edmondson was detailed to Colonel Andcrson's staff as a clerk in Regimental Headquarters. Held this position until February 7, 1862, at which he was detailed for recruiting duties. Eager to see action, and bored with his current assignment, Tom Polk paid someone (no record of whom) a bounty to substitute for him. After buying his way out of the "Murray Rifles" in the Spring of 1862, he re-enlisted on May 16, 1862 as a second Lieutenant in Company C Georgia 10th State Troopers. This company had been organized by Captain John Oats on November 10, 1961. Company C was reorganized shortly after Edmondson's enlistment and went into the Confederate Services as Company F 3rd Regiment Whorton Bridgade Army of Tennessee.

Lieutenant Edmondson's desire for action was soon fullfilled. Serving under General Braxton Bragg in the Confederate invasion of Kentucky, Edmondson saw action in the Battle of Perryville Kentucky, October 8, 1862, and in the Battle of the Stones River at MufTreesboro, Tennessee, December 31, 1862 thru January 2, 1863. During his tenure with the Army of Tennessee, he was promoted to the rank of Captain on July 31, 1863 and in 1864 to the rank of Major.

During General Sherman's Atlanta Campaign, and eventual march to the sea. Major Edmondson was in command of a small cavalry unit of about 75 men near Spring Place. This cavalry unit was known as the "North Georgia Scouts". From his base of operations near Spring Place, he carried out raids against the Union Army, and employed tactics of harassment (which included alleged killing of men and women) against citizens who were sympathetic to the Union Cause. His guerrilla type operations proved to be highly successful.

It was these hit and run maneuvers which finally drew the Federal Cavalry into the area to stalk Edmondson and his Scouts. On October 30, 1864 Major B.K. Fox wrote to Major-General Steadman, who commanded the Army of the Cumberland around Dalton, requesting that a cavalry unit of twenty-five men who were familiar with the area around Spring Place be held in his charge to pursue Edmondson.

During the Fall of 1864 and Winter of 1865, Major Fox tried in vain to track down the "North Georgia Scouts" It was not until April 3, 1865 during an expedition of the 147th Illinois Infantry and Sixth Tennessee Cavalry, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Wemer W. Bjerg, from Dalton to Spring Place that Edmondson and his little band of Confederates met their doom. Bjerg's force left Dalton around 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning April 1, enroute to Spring Place. He had at his disposal a force of 300 men; infantry under the charge of Major Bush and an 80 man cavalry under the charge of Major Bean. The expeditionary force camped in Spring Place Saturday night and took six known rebels sympathizers prisoner (these six men were A. Wilkins, Jared Fox, J.C. Henry, Charles Staples, F.C. Farmer and Judge Ellro) On Sunday morning the 147th Illinois Infantry and Sixth Tennessee Cavalry began their advance south to Holly Creek. About two miles south of Spring Place, Bjerg's advance guard was attacked by a small force of Confederates under the charge of Captain Williams, who was badly wounded in this skirmish. Oliver Brown, a Confederate private was taken prisoner. Upon reaching Holly Creek, the Federal force moved down the Calhoun Road and into the Coosawattee Valley. While marching down the Calhoun Road another Confederate soldier, B. Gassway, was taken prisoner. Since it was quite late in the afternoon when the entire Federal force reached the river, Bjerg decided to camp for the night at a Mr. Hogan's house and wait until morning before attempting a crossing of the river.

On Monday morning, April 3, 1865, the expedition advanced to McLoath Ford on the Coosawattee River. There were two ferries near Mr. Hogan's house and the McLoath Ford. One was above the house and the other below it. Bjerg was planning to utilize the ferries in addition to fording the river. With a force of between 150 and 200 men. Major Edmondson had set up headquarters and a line of defense on the other side of the river to thwart the Federal's crossing. His "North Georgia Scouts" had been reinforced with several squads of troops under the charge of Captain Rodgers, Captain Willraur, Captain Tate, Captain____ and Lt. Ring.

Edmondson had his force waiting in ambush to attack when me Federals attempted the crossing. As the encounter began, Bjerg quickly ordered his force divided into two detachments. He sent Major Bush and Major Bean up the Coosawattee River with orders to cross and outflank the enemy. Bush and Bean took this force about two miles up the river where they seized Samuel Montgomery's boat and successfully crossed the river. Bjerg took the other detachment one and a half miles south where he forced a confederate sympathizer (known as citizen Fuqua) to give him his boat, which was anchored in the Sallicoa (Salliquoy) Creek. Under fire from squads of hidden Confederates, Bjerg's detachment crossed the Coosawattee in the boat. Once across, the federal detachment captured and set fire to a small log house which the Confederates were using as a defense barrier. The force then began their advance North along the river.

At the Rullamo Ferry, Bjerg divided his detachment. Half of the men were left to guard the Ferry and the teams of wagons which were under constant fire from rebels. The remainder of his detachment continued their advance North to link up with Major Bush and Major Bean. After rendezvousing with Bush and Bean, Bjerg moved swiftly back down the river to John Ballow's house. When they arrived, Edmondson and his force had already deserted the home. Bjerg ordered the torch set to Ballow's distillery, anb began his pursuit of Edmondson.

The Federals advanced rapidly south along the river to Zachariah Wilson's house. It was here that Major Edmondson regrouped his forces, observed a scattered enemy force and decided upon a defensive assault on the Federals rear guard. When the attack came, Bjerg moved to regroup his forces around the wagons and supplies at the Rullamo Ferry Crossing.

All afternoon, Edmondson ordered offensive charges against Bjerg's dispersed force as they retired back across the river. Each time the "Scouts" were repulsed. In one of the last charges of the day, which Edmondson personally led, he received in hand to hand combat, a fatal wound to the face and back.

--page 33--

At the end of the day as the Federals withdrew back to Hogan's house, they returned Edmondson's body to the Confederates, but retained his captured gun and saddle. Upon reaching Hogan's house the Federal force bivouacked for night. The following morning they returned to Dalton via the Tilton Ford on the Conasauga River. Hogan, his son and citizen Fuqua were taken prisoner. The Federal expeditionary forced suffered only three casualties and no deaths from the entire day of fighting. Besides Major Edmondson's death, the Confederate force sustained a loss of 12 to 15 men including a Lieutenant whose name remains unknown.

Captain Rodgers assumed temporary command of the "North Georgia Scouts" which remained active until shortly after General Joseph E. Johnston's surrender to General William T. Sherman in Durham, North Carolina on April 26, 1865. Captain Rodgers ordered Major Thomas Polk Edmondson's body returned to his family. He is buried today in the old Spring Place Cemetery alongside his father and mother. The tombstone is small but not hard to find. It reads: "Tom Polk Edmondson born August 1844, killed in battle, April 3, 1865."

James Maurice Thompson, the author of "North Georgia Scouts," was the son of Rev. G. M. and Diantha Jaegger Thompson. He was born in Fairfield, Indiana on September 9, 1844, but his family moved to Gordon County during his early childhood and he was reared there. From his plantation home in the Coosawattee Valley, about six miles north of Calhoun, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, and outdoor studies. This first hand knowledge of nature proved to be invaluable to him in later years as an author and poet.

At the age of seventeen he enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private and near the end of the war served as a scout under Major Thomas Polk Edmondson. Thompson witnessed Edmondson's death and recounted the incident in this most stirring war poem. In 1868, Thompson left the South and his law practice to settle in Crawfordsville, Indiana where he married Miss Allice Lee and became a father of three children. He devoted the rest of his life to his first love writing and poetry. He died in 1901 at the age of 57, and at a time many consider to be his high tide of literary success. Unlike Tom Polk Edmondson, Thompson felt that the South had outgrown slavery, and whatever the outcome of the rebellion, the institution would eventually succumb to the demands of time and progress.

Major Tom Polk Edmondson is one of those almost forgotten heroes of the War Between The States. Had it not been of Thompson's war poem, Edmondson's death might have passed into oblivion, as have so many Confederate and Union dead. He was the son of a wealthy planter and he and his family strongly defended the institution of slavery. He joined as a private at the age of 17 and before he died at the age of 22 he had risen to the rank of Major and commanded a Confederate cavalry unit which Thompson called me "North Georgia Scouts".

I was looking thru my notes and came across another piece of information that you might like to see.

John Leonidas Edmondson

John Leonidas Edmondson was born December 15, 1826 in Murray County, Georgia. He is the son of James and Rebecca Edmondson. John married Sarah Buchannon on January 4, 1849.

John's second wife was Catherine Kate Isabella Selleck. Kate was born August 31, 1837 in Augusta, Ga. She is the daughter of Frederick Selleck and Sarah Ann Morris Selleck. Her grandfather was descended from the Morris family of NY and was a cousin of Lewis Morris, signer of the Declaration Of Independence. She married John on November 2, 1855. Their children were: Sallie, James, Rebecca, John L. Nettie and Annie (died in infancy).

Catherine Kate Edmondson died of small pox on May 23, 1866 in Macon, Georgia and John Edmondson married her sister Esther Mary Selleck on September 1, 1867. Esther Mary was born in Augusta, Georgia on June 25, 1839. Their children were: Kate, Maude, Eula, Selleck, Mary Morris, Samuel Carter, and Virginia.

John Edmondson was an extensive landowner and influencial community leader. In an article in a special edition of the Atlanta Constitution, December 22, 1893 he was called "The King Of Holly Creek" and was characterized as "strong in his friendships, bitter in his hates, he has friends who would die for him, and enemies who would slay him if they only had the grit—— honest in his dealings and his friendships, outspoken in his ways and a man of wieght, no matter where placed.

The death of John L Edmondson occurred November 8, 1901 in Spring Place, Georgia. His wife, Esther Mary Edmondson died November 4, 1926.
I am attaching a picture of Esther Mary Selleck Edmondson.
Thanks, Kaye Nicholson See EFAB #118, pages 31-39

From new member Elaine Edmundson Jackson
13604 Darnestown Road, Gaithersburg, MD, 20878
E-mail: elaine(a)gaj.com
Her father is Allison Clinton Edmundson, grandfather Jesse Wright Edmundson, ggrandfather Jesse Wright Edmundson, Sr. who was married to Julia Pipken. She has some pictures to share, but says that she has not done enough research yet to get stuck. Works on a Mclntosh computer and uses Reunion software.
New member Diane Tofte Kropp
3903 Country Club Drive
Pealand, TX, 77581-5010

Diane says that she is trying to find our more about her Edmondson ancestors, but she has been fighting the floods in Texas this Fall. Promises to send her family group sheets as soon as she can research again without floods.

EFAB member Flora Unger of Redding California informs the editor that her eyesight has failed, so she can no longer subscribe to the EFAB. I wonder if anyone is doing some reading to Flora? Flora is 82, and says; "You have a very interesting newsletter, keep up the good work for others."

--page 34--


Peggy Williams Harper sends in the picture of her grandmother Nannie Wheat Edmiston Williams.
Peggy lives at HC76, Box 48, Nimitz, West Virginia, 25978-9712

E-mail: pr1928(a)citynet.net

Nannie Wheat Edmiston Williams:

Nannie Edmiston was born in Pocahontas County, West Virginia on October 9, 1878, and died in Greenbrier County, March 16, 1937. She was the daughter of William Russell Edmiston and Alice Cavendish Beard. She married Comelious Williams on March 16, 1898. To this union there were twelve children.

Nannie had three siblings, as sister Mary (married a Shuey), two brothers, John A. and Russell. Their father left them sometime shortly before 1880. I found in the 1880 census where Alice, age 26, Nannie, age 1, and John A., age 3, were living with Alice's sister Margaret and her husband William Byrd. Margaret died January 31, 1882, and Alice died April 24, 1882. I haven't been able to find where the children went after this. Nannie was living with a Mattie Clingman when she and grandfather were married.

Direct Descendants of Mathew Edmiston

1  Mathew Edmiston   b: 1715 in Donagald, Ireland EFAB#4/100,41&42
          d:  1796 in JENNINGS CREEK, AUGUSTA CO., VIRGINIA (Chalkey, V ffl, p. 208)
          +Margaret Smith b: Abt. 1727 in Smith or Peterson, or Patterson?? EFAB #97,p9
          m: 1745 in Augusta Cnty, Virginia      d: Abt. 1790 in Augusta Cnty, Virginia
              d: October 07, 1817 in BATH CO., VIRGINIA
              +JANE SMITH b: October 17, 1746 in IRELAND m: 1772 in AUGUSTA CO., VA
              d: May 20, 1837 in POCAHONTAS CO., VIRGINIA
    3  Andrew Edmiston    b:  July  22,   1777  in Hillsboro, Pocahontas County, WV
                  d: April 15, 1864 in Pocahontas Co., Va (WV)
                  +Mary "Polly" Gilliland b: July 04, 1790 in Greenbriar Co., Va
                  m: January 06, 1807 in Greenbriar Co., Va (January 8)
                  d: January 02, 1877 in Pocahontas Co., Va (WV)
                  Father: James Gillilamd    Mother: Lydia Armstrong
      4  George McNeel Edmiston   b: May 19, 1811 in Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV
                     +Nancy Callison        b:  January  09, 1810
                     m: September 20, 1840 in Pocahontas Co., Va (WV)
                     d: August 08, 1873 in Pocahontas Co., Va (WV)
        5  William Russell Edmiston b: March 14,1854 in Little Levels, WV (V)
                        +Alice Cavendish Beard b: 1853    d: 1882
          6  Nannie Wheat Edmiston b: October 09, 1878 m Pocahontas, West Virginia
                          d: March 16, 1937 in Greenbrier County, WV
                          +Comelius Williams b: 1872 in Greenbrier County, WV
                          m: March 16, 1898 in Lewisburg, West Virginia
                          d: 1933  in  Covington, Allegheny County, Virginia
            7  Jacob Todd Williams    b: December 24, 1899 in Greenbrier County, WV
                              d: May 06, 1960 in Summers County, Virginia
                              +Marylou Emma Hefner    b: Abt. 1900
                              m: Dec 29, 1920 in Greenbrier County, WV
              8  Peggy Lee Williams b: December 19, 1928
                                  Peggy Lee Williams Harper married Robert Harper.

--page 35--

William Edmondson/Edmiston of Rockbridge County, Virginia is Claimed!

Dear Orvan, 10-30-98
I just received the new copy of the EFAB this week and have some information that you and the other members might find interesting. I've enclosed a disc of the work and this letter if you can use the Macintosh format. Hope so.

  1. A transcript of the William Edmondson will filed 2-5-1782.
  2. A transcript of the James Edmundson will filed 3-4-1783.

I have a copy of the page from the Virginia Wills before 1799. The reference that these two wills were filed on the same day is simply incorrect. The proper dates are listed in the book, page 30. There are some mistakes in the Virginia Wills book that I will note, and some additional information that may or may not be relevant.

  1. William Edmondson filed 2-5-1782. The will was dated 2-23-1779. Witnesses were Thomas and David Steel. The names are correct in the Virginia Wills book excepting one daughter that is not listed that is "My daughter Elizabeth Peebles".
  2. The James Edmundson will listed in the Virginia Wills before 1799 on page 30 is a complete mess. It lists as follows:
    Wife: Agnes
    Son: David
    Daughter: Sarah
    Grand daughter: Elizabeth Tedford
    Grand daughter: Agnes Tedford
    Grand daughter: Jean Tedford
    Grand daughter: Sarah Tedford
    The wife Agnes is correct as is the son David. There is no daughter Sarah mentioned. The correct names, according to my reading are as follows.
    Wife: Agnes
    Son: David
    Daughter: Jean (Tedford)
    Grand daughter: Elizabeth Edmundson
    Grand daughter: Agnes Edmundson
    Grand daughter: Jean Edmundson
    Grand daughter: Sarah Edmundson
    Grand daughter: Sarah Tedford

There is a most interesting paragraph about his father in law. "Item I give and bequeath what ever my father in law hath willed to me in his last will and Testament to be equally divided between Sarah now married to Samuel Henry and his granddaughter Agnes Thompson daughter to his son Alexander Thompson."

This pretty well identifies James Edmundson's wife as a Thompson. I do not know the identity of Sarah now married to Samuel Henry and will not make speculation.

Now to Page 7 item 12 of EFAB 121. Since Dr. Jones feels that no one wants to accept William of Rockbridge as their ancestor I will step forward and do so. I don't know how Linda Strahan feel about this, possibly she just doesn't want to be that closely related to our branch of the family. However, if she is interested I will gladly make a copy of the original will of William Edmondson for her.

I was going through some records today and came across some information that might be interesting. Before going to the trouble of transcribing it, as you may very well have the data, I will list the references and you let me know which you would like.

  1. A four page letter by K.S. Saunders, a granddaughter of Col. William Edmondson, chronicaling some of the family.
  2. A list of Tennessee Confederate and Union soldiers in the Civil war. From "Tennesseans in the Civil War" Published 1964.
  3. Early Edmondson (various spellings) index of Tennessee Wills and Administrations from Byron Sistler and Assoc. 1990.

Sincerely, Ken Edmondson

Will of James Edmondson of Rockbridge Co.. VA

The book Virginia Wills before 1799 on page 30 abstracts the will of James Edmundson in the following manner:
Edmundson, James
Rockbridge Co., VA Will filed March 4, 1783
Wife Agnes
S. David Edmondson
D. Jean Edmondson
D. Sarah Edmondson
G.D. Elizabeth Tedford
G.D. Agnes Tedford
G.D. Jean Tedford
G.D. Sarah Tedford

Unfortunately this abstract is most incorrect as to the granddaughters and one of the daughters. A complete transcription of the will follows:

--page 36--

Sixteenth day of December seventeen hundred and eighty two.
I James Edmundson of Rockbridge County and state of Virginia calling to mind the Mortality of my body and noing this it is appointed for all men -— to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament this is to say principally and first of all I give and recomend my soul unto the hands of God that gives it and for my body I recomind it to the earth to be buried in a Christion like and decent manner at the direction of my Executors —-— doubting but at the general ————I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God as touching such worldly -——Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life. I give Bequeath and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First of all I will that my just debts be discharged. In———I give and bequeath to Agnes my dearly beloved wife three Negroes now in my possession their names as followeth, Anthony, Nan and Doff to be held and enjoyed by her while she liveth and to be at her disposal and likewise two young Negroes names Isacc and Holbert to be disposed by her in like manner all at her death only to my children or grandchildren as she shall see fit. I likewise give and bequeath to her all my movable estate that shall be posessed by me at my dcalh out of which she is to pay twenty pounds current money to each of my five Grand daughters that is now living (Viz) Elizabeth, Agnes, Jean and Sarah Edmundson and Sarah Tedford when they are of the age of twenty one years or when they ar marryed.

I likewise give my said wife my land and tenements I now live on and other possessions to be by her held and enjoyed while she liveth.

Item I give my well beloved son David Edmundson the part of my land he now liveth on at my demis and all my lands mafuages (sic) and tenaments by him freely to be possesses and enjoyed his Mothers D——— out of which he shall pay to his Sister Jean Tedford the sumof sixty pounds if she be then alive, but if she be dead it shall be to her child Sarah Tedford when of the age of twenty one years or if she dieth before married or without children it shall be equally divided amongst my gmad daughters before mentioned. I likewise give and bequeath to my son David Edmondson one mulato boy named Samuel.

Item I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Jean Tedford one Negro winch and child named Philis and Easther and at her death to go to her daughter Sarah Tedford and if she dieth whouth children Philis goeth to my son David and Easther to my grand daughters before mentioned.

Item I give and bequeath what ever my father in law hath willed to me in his last will and Testament to be equally divided between Sarah now married to Samuel Henry and her granddaughter Agnes Thompson daughter to his son Alexander Thompson.

I do make and ordain Constitute and appoint my beloved wife Agnes Edmundson my son David and James Templcton my only and soles executor of this my last will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disalow revoke and ————— all and every former testament wills and Legacy Requests and Executions by me in any way before this time named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and none other to be my last will and testaments in witness where up I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above wroten.

Signed, Sealed, Published pronounced and declared by the said James Edmoundson as his last will and Testament in the presents of the Subscribers Viz
John McNutt, Wm. Paxton, Isaac Trimble

At a court held for Rockbridge County March 4th 1783

This last Will and Testament of James Edmundson Deed. was presented in Court by David Edmundson and James Templeton Exec. therm named and -— by the Oaths of William Paxton and James Trimble witness thereto and Ordered to be recorded and on the Motion of said Exec. who made Oath according to Law Certificate is granted them for obtaining Probate thereof in due form giving Security whereupon they together with John Paxton and John Thompson their Securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the Penalty of £ 2000 conditioned according to law.

As we see there is a granddaughter named Sarah Tedford; However, the others are Elizabeth, Agnes, Jean and Sarah Edmondson. Also there is no daughter mentioned named Sarah.


February 23, 1779

In the name of God amen, I William Edmondson of Rockbridge Co. Being Very weak in body but in perfect mind and mimory and calling to mind the Mortality of the body that is apointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament. This is to say principally and first of all I give and Recomend my soul to God that gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried at the discretian of my Executora and my Worldly Estate I give and Dispose in the following manner and form.

--page 37--

And first I allow my Lands and two work horses and all my Plantation impliments to be sold and the Money arising thin from to be equally divided amongst my three sons Viz William, Robert and John and I hereby impower my Execut to make a Title for my Lands when disposed of and also my stain of hogs to be Divided amongst my three sons equally and my Cattle and Sheep and Looms and (unreadable) and all Household Plenishings to be equally Divided amongst three daughters Isable, Anne and Mary excepting five pounds to be paid to my Daughter Elisabeth Peebles. And hereby appoint Constitute and Ordain Charles Campbell and Samuel Patterson my sole and — Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and I hereby Revoke Disable and Disallow of all former wills by one mark. In Withness whereof I have set my hand and Seal this ?-?.

Signed in the Presence of Thomas Steel and David Steel.

At a court held for Rockbridge County February the Fifth 1782

This Last Will and Testament of William Edmondson Deed was Presented in Court by Charles Campbell and Samuel Patterson the Executors therein named and proved by the Oaths of Thomas Steel and David Steel Witnesses thereto. And ordained to be Recorded and on the Motion of said Executors who made oath according to the Said Certificate is granted them for Oblixining Probate this of in due form giveing whereupon they together with Andron Hall and Jno Bruyer Acknowlege Bond in the sum of Five Hundred pounds Conditions According to Law.
[Rockbridge County, Virginia Wills and Administrations Book 1. page 146, LDS film #033748.]

From George & Carole Binkney, PO Box 5034, Vancleave, Ms.39565
originally from Duquesne, Pa. (Allegheny County)
e-mail mscarole(a)datasync.com
Looking for any information on the whereabouts of Coursin Hollow Cemetery between McKeesport and Elizabeth, Pa. and if any Edmundson family member knows where Elizabeth Edmundson, daughter of William E. Edmundson (1783-1854) and Jane McKee Sinclair Edmundson is buried or when she died. They lived in Lincoln Township, Allegheny County, Pa. She married Peter Binkney and had two sons named John and Charles Binkney. Elizabeth was my gg grandmother and I know very little about her. William E. Edmundson mentioned his granddaughter, Emily Low, in his will. Does anyone know who she was?
Do you have any subscribers from McKeesport or Elizabeth, Pa. area? These are the folks I might want to get in touch with who may know where our Elizabeth Edmundson Binkney and Peter are buried.

From new member F. Tye Edmondson, 106 Penington-Rocky Hill Road, Hopewell, NJ, 08525
E-mail: doefte(a)msn.com
His father is James Howard Edmondson, III, his gggrandfather is Frazor Titus Edmondson of Memphis, TN. The family lived in Texas the last 50 years, and Tennessee prior to that. Tyc has an interesting family tree. I don't know if he has this much yet, but he is part of the Robert Edmiston family spoken about in the Max Edmondson, and Walter Woods book. You will notice that the below line is heavily referenced in both EFAB and general public records. You will see that he descends from both Robert Edmondson who married Isabella Buchanan and his brother Thomas Edmondson who married Martha Buchanan who were cousins and granddaughters of Martha Keys Edmiston and Samuel Buchanan. I think F. Tye Edmondson is short for Frazor Titus Edmondson, III?

Direct Descendants of William Edmondson

1  William Edmondson  b: 1730 in EFAB #11, p. 61, lived early years in Augusta Cnty, VA
         d: 1789 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia see will EFAB #11, p.64
         +Agnes Holmes b: Abt. 1730 in Washington County, Virginia
         Will Book #64, pages 102 & 111      m: Abt. 1750
  2  Robert Lt. Jr. Edmondson  b: March 17, 1753 in Battle of Kings Mountain,
           early life in Washington Cny, VA
           d:  February  16, 1816 in Davidson County Tennessee
           (Cumberland Tennessee prior)EFAB#ll,p.62
           +Isabella Buchanan   b: Abt. 1761 in Augusta County, VA, EFAB #5, p. 15, 16
           m:  1776 in Washington County, Virginia d: February 18, 1816
           Father: Andrew Buchanan        Mother: Joannah Hayes
    3  Andrew Jackson Captain Edmondson     b: April 03, 1793
             in War of 1812 in New Orleans EFAB #5, p.l5, see "A Lost Heroine".
             d: April 30, 1872 in Memphis, TN, (lived at Pontotoc, Mississippi EFAB #97, p.2)
         *2nd Wife of Andrew Jackson Captain Edmondson:
             +Mary Ann Howard    b: December 25, 1800 in Sampson County, NC CD#15 [1515]
             m: December 03, 1822 in Maury County, Tennessee
             d: August 02, 1861 in Memphis, Tennessee
      4  [2] James Howard Colonel Edmondson
               b: July 15, 1831 in Limestone County, AlabamaEFAB #93, p.10 CD#15 [1515]
               d: October 20, 1878 in Memphis, Tennessee
               served under Gen Forest in Civil War
               +[1] Mary Titus   b: March 31, 1834 in Memphis, Tennessee
               m: February 09, 1853 in Memphis, Tennessee
               d: June 06, 1855 in Memphis, Tennessee
               Father: Frazor Titus   Mother: Louise Ann Edmondson
        5  [3] FrazorTitus Edmondson b: Abt. 1860 in EFAB #5, p. 15
          6  [4] James Howard u Edmondson b: Abt. 1885
            7  [5] Frazor Titus II Edmondson b:Abt.l910 +[6] Sally Anderson   b: Abt. 1910

--page 38--

              8  [7] James Howard in Edmondson b: Abt. 1940
                       +[8] Carol Gilliland Cloyd b: Abt. 1940
                9  [9] F. Tye Edmondson b: March 18,1966 EFAB member living in NJ
  2  Thomas Edmondson   b: July 25, 1759 in Augusta Cnty, VA,
          from the Annals of SW Virginia by Summers, EFAB#22. p.39
          d: August 02, 1824 in Lived near Nashville, died Davidson County, Tennessee
          see p.22 Robert Edmiston, by Max Edmondson and Walter Woods.
          +Martha Buchanan b: September 29, 1764 in Augusta, Virginia, seeEFAB#42/44
          b. 1763?       m: April 24, 1782 in Washington County, Virginia
          d: September 16, 1835 in Davidson County, Tennessee Rains Cemetery
          Father: Robert Buchanan        Mother: Mary Buchanan
    3  Louise Ann Edmondson    b: August 03, 1807    d: Abt. 1840
            +Frazor Titus     b: Abt. 1802 in of Memphis, TN
            m: August 31, 1825 in Davidson County, Tennessee    Father: Titus
      4  [1] Mary Titus    b: March 31, 1834 in Memphis, Tennessee
              d: June 06, 1855 in Memphis, Tennessee
              +[2] James Howard Colonel Edmondson
              b: July 15, 1831 in Limestone County, AlabamaEFAB #93, p.10 CD#15 [1515]
              m: February 09, 1853 in Memphis, Tennessee
              d: October 20, 1878 in Memphis, Tenn served under Gen Forest in Civil War
              Father: Andrew Jackson Captain Edmondson     Mother: Mary Ann Howard
        5  [3] FrazorTitus Edmondson    b: Abt. 1860 in EFAB #5, p. 15
          6  [4] James Howard n Edmondson b: Abt. 1885
            7  [5] Frazor Titus n Edmondson b: Abt. 1910
                   +[6] Sally Anderson         b:Abt.l910
              8  [7] James Howard ul Edmondson
                       +[8] Carol Gilliland Cloyd
                9  [9] F. Tye Edmondson

From new member Charles E. Edmondson, P.O. Box 1833, Ocean Shores, WA, 98569
His father was also Charles E. Edmondson, grandfather was Timothy E. Edmondson, and ggrandfather was Charles Henry Edmondson, born in 1845, died 1915.

Direct Descendants of Henry Edmondson

1  Henry Edmondson     b: Abt. 1807
         +Esther Edmondson       b: Abt. 1807
  2  Charles Henry Edmondson b: September 15, 1844 in Ontario, Canada
             d: June 28, 1915 in Portland, Multmonah County, Oregon
             +Mary Elizabeth Brown    b: Abt. 1845
             m: December 23, 1866 in DesMoines, Polk County, Iowa    d: 1901
    3  Timothy E. Edmondson     b: 1867          d: 1942
                 +Kathryn Margret Schreibcr b: 1878          d: 1944
      4  Charles Ellsworth Edmondson      b: 1897     d: 1934
                     +Ethyl Amelia Parker b: 1903 d: 1927
        5  Charles Ellsworth Edmoudson     b: April 05, 1924 1999 EFAB member

I believe we have had a reunion in this family. The Iowa Edmondsons have been wondering what happened to a brother that was taken away to Washington by an aunt. I put Charles in touch with his distant cousin Jack Edmondson and his wife Katie in Perry, Iowa.

Volunteers Needed!
NANCI PRESLEY-HOLLEY [NANCIP-H(a)worldnct.att.net] Nanci has begun retyping early EFABS. The editor will send a copy of any early EFAB to anyone willing to retype it. If we can get enough volunteers with computers, this job could be done in a reasonable amount of time. There are 110 issues to retype. We are just learning how to do this in the most efficient manner, and Nanci and I have been having E-mail conversations about how to proceed. As mentioned in earlier EFABS, there are several of the older ones still available for sale. However, many are only in existence in the quantity of one, so I must photocopy them for distribution. I will also be making issues #111-121 available on CD shortly. Many of the pictures are in color and many of the maps are quite high resolution so that it will serve as very useful research tool By retype, I mean retype on the computer so that we can develop an electronic file of old EFABs. From these, family histories can be cut and pasted into an organized and comprehensive story. Nanci has completed her first issue, and moves onto more, but just as the bulletin is really too much work for one person, so is retyping the old bulletins. I can scan them, but then they can not be cut and pasted in electronic format.

In old EFABS, you will find census records, family stories, family lines, and miscellaneous queries and data. You will also find a lot of misinformation, so it must be qualified just as any other genealogical work must be put to the test.

From George & Carole Binkney, PO Box 5034, Vancleave, Ms. 39565
originally from Duquesne, Pa. (Allegheny County) e-mail.mscarole(a)datasync.com
Looking for any information on the whereabouts of Coursin Hollow Cemetery between McKeesport and Elizabeth, Pa. and if any Edmundson family member knows where Elizabeth Edmundson, daughter of William E. Edmundson (1783-1854) and Jane McKee Sinclair Edmundson is buried or when she died. They lived in Lincoln Township, Allegheny County, Pa. She married Peter Binkney and had two sons named John and Charles Binkney. Elizabeth was my gg grandmother and I know very little about her. William E. Edmundson mentioned his granddaughter, Emily Low, in his will. Does anyone know who she was?

Do you have any subscribers from McKeesport or Elizabeth, Pa. area? These are the folks I might want to get in touch with who may know where our Elizabeth Edmundson Binkney and Peter are buried.

--page 39--

From new member Louise H. Ivey, 584 Dellwood Drive, Newport News, VA, 23602
E-mail: Bivey(a)erols.com
Louise says; "I have been in e-mail contact with Ron Edmondson of Georgia and he advised me of the bulletin. We arc both descended from Thomas Edmundson of Essex County, VA, and Joseph of Craven County, NC. Could you give me some idea of what other bulletins contain information regarding these two? I could perhaps purchase these back issues from time to time. It seems everyone I have checked with lately are descended from Thomas of Essex. It is really difficult to separate all of the Thomas, Williams, and Johns.
Many Thanks, Louise H. Ivey".

In her questionnaire Louise mentions the "Bull Head" Plantation in Greene County, North Carolina that was an Edmondson property 200 years ago, and where Lt. James Edmundson was buried in 1799. Her grandmother was Molly Edmundson who lived in Goldsboro and Oxford North Carolina. Her gg grandfather was Dr. John Jackson Edmundson who married Vicey Jordan. She also has some unidentified pictures other ancestors, but so do many of us.

Ed; Louise later ordered some pages from the EFABs. This is a little more economical than ordering complete issues. Yep, it certainly is hard to separate all of the Thomas, Williams, and Johns along with Edmistons, Edmundsons, Edmondsons, and Edmonstones! We certainly hope to learn more about the North Carolina Edmundson/Edmondsons. It would also be interesting to find out why many of the North Carolina EDMs have the 0/U variation?


Genevieve Zbryski Edmundson, life long partner of Dr. Walter F. Edmundson of Sarasota, Florida passed away on June 20, 1998. They had been married for 55 years, and Dr. Walter also reports that his eyesight is getting worse, but he still has his mind.

A Passing; Dorothy Edmondson Maddox was a long time EFAB member. She passed away on February 14, 1997. She is survived by her husband Hunt Maddox. Her grandfather was Robert E. Lee Edmondson who married Addie Callahan who resided at Louisville, Kentucky. Dorothy sent her family Bibles to the Kentucky State Archives. She had sent her family history to former editor Bill Edmundson, but I have not seen it to put it into my database.

Long time EFAB member Dorothy Burris Edmonson passed away on May 7, 1997. Dorothy was born August 31, 1914, and was the genealogist in her family keeping track of her husband's family of Edmonstons/Edmonsons. She is survived by her husband J.D. Edmonson of Medford, Oklahoma. It is interesting to note that many of the EDM wives do the family history, and when they are gone, the husband does not continue with the EFAB. Dorothy was very active in the community and participated in a vast number of organizations such as the DAR, Daugliters of the American Colonists, Daughters of the Confederacy, and National Genealogical Societies.

Richard Barth of Ogden, Utah passed away on 12-8-1998. He was planning to write more of the family history of Thomas Jefferson Edmondson, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Johnson Edmondson. See EFAB #115, page 61. His daughter has promised to send his draft. Mr Edmonson, My name is Elaine Christcnsen. I am the daughter of Richard Barth, granddaughter of Geneva Dorothy Edmonson Barth. I thought I would write to let you know that my father Richard passed away on Dec 8 1998 after a long fight with cancer which was due to direct exposure of agent orange in Viet Nam. I have in my possesion my father's past issues of the Edmondson Family Association Bulletin. I will be sending you a check to join the association. Let me know if you would like additional information concerning descendants of Geneva Dorothy Edmondson. In volume 30 page 29 there is a letter from my father. He says that he is working on some family histories. I know he was working on a few histories. At this time I don't know their status. I will see if I can find what he has completed and forward it to you. If you have any questions please contact me.
Elaine Christensen, 1948 W Anderson, Evanston, WY 82930 307-xxx-xxxx E-mail: coreyc(a)allwest.net

Letter from Dr. Max L. Edmondson;

July 24, 1998 Dear Orvan;
"I am writing in reply to your letter of July 18. The last correspondence I have received from Walter Woods, coauthor with me on the book "Robert Edmiston of Augusta County, Virginia, A Family History", was a letter received in May of 1992. In this letter he mentioned that he had by-pass surgery recently. Perviously in 1991, he had informed me that he needed additional cateract surgery. If still alive, Walter would be 83 now. (Ed; I last received correspondence in November of 1996, more later)

The basis for Walter's interest in our Edmiston/Edmundson/etc. line is the following. It is two fold. James Edmundson/Edmison/Edmonston/Edminston/etc. left a will which was proved in the July term of the Wilkes County, NC Court in 1793. m it James names two sons; Robert and William.

Walter is descended from Robert via his daughter Sarah who married John Israel, son of Michael Israel and Sarah Graves. Walter's former wife Margaret was descended from the above William via his son William Jr.

I descend from Robert Edmiston/Edmonson who probably was the oldest son of the above William Edmisten.

You asked how Walter and I collaborated on our Edmiston Book? I provided information form William Edmisten of 1800 Burke County and the information and documentation for William's sons Robert, Emanuel, Abraham, and Thomas plus the information on descendants of these sons.

--page 40--

Information on the family and descendants of William the oldest son of Robert Edmiston of Augusta came from Howard Jones, a descendant of this William Sr.

Walter provided the remainder of our book's contents. Walter in collaboration with Howard Jones had obtained a very extensive amount of court and land records of Augusta County, VA as they related to Edmistons and similar spellings. Where these are now is unknown to me, but they would be of tremendous value to future researchers of this family line.

You should attempt to contact Walter as to these records. I seem to recall that Walter said he was going to give these records of his research to the local library, (Carrollton, Georgia?). Whether he did or not, I do not know.

I have the documentation for the descendent lines of William's sons as mentioned above. Certainly a lot more than what was mentioned in the book. In writing the book, Walter would rewrite in a more concise form the narratives which I sent him. As the book progressed, Walter would send me copies of everything he intended to use in our book. I would proof read this material and try to correct the more obvious errors, of which there seemed to be a lot. I think Walter was having trouble with his eyes and the organization and presentation of all the facts, records, and assumptions present in our book was difficult for Walter. For someone in his mid 70s, I think he did a great job.

I assume that you have a copy of our book complete with the extensive documentation and references given in the back. Walter and I tried to provide documentation and references for all the important events and assumptions we made in the book. In general, I think we were successful in achieving that goal. Because of the limited publication of the book, it is very likely that the researchers who might benefit from our book will be limited. That is too bad because there is a lot of information in the book which could be used in continuing research on this line.

The only serious change I would make in our book relates to the name of the wife of William Edmisten of 1800 Burke County, NC. For years the EFAB listed this woman as probably Mary Sudderth Blair. Walter used the "History of Watauga County, NC" as the source for giving her name as Elizabeth. Since coauthoring our book, I have obtained other information indirectly from the NC Archives. This information listed as "Sudderth Papers" was completed in 1965. In it the wife of William Edmisten of Wilkes and Burkes Counties was identified as Margaret Sudderth, the daughter of William and Margaret of Burke County, NC. William Sudderth's daughter Elizabeth actually married ca 1796 to Moses Thompson and removed to Wilson County, TN.

In these "Sudderth Papers" the actual signature of William EDMISTEN appears on a receipt for his wife's received distribution from the estate of her father William Sudderth. This receipt was dated September 24, 1787.

Hope this answers your questions concerning the Edmiston Book coauthored by Walter Woods and myself. If you have any further questions, I would be glad to provide whatever I can.
Sincerely; Max

Ed; Walter Woods sent me a copy of the book along with the computer discs. Unfortunately, the discs arc in an old computer program, and when I bring them into a newer program, I need to do a lot of reformatting. However, I have recently scanned a book of the same size that wasn't too bad. From this I can either supply a hard copy, or a CD with the images of the scanned pages. The scanned version is only readable if you have a computer with a CD drive in it, and then it works great, easier to read and make copies from than if you are reading a book. Many people have expressed an interest in getting a copy of this book. I think Walter and Max intentionally did not copy-write the book so that it could be copied again and distributed. Let me know if I am wrong Max?

I am in the process of doing a lot of things, trying to get things organized and put into libraries of materials that I can distribute. Let me know what your desires are? I already have a lot of material that can be distributed.

Urgent Request and Notes From the Editor:
I need more materials for the bulletin. I also need to be reminded of any requests that you think that I should have printed, but have not. Any new requests are always welcome, send me your queries soon.

The EFAB Ancestoral Listing and Members Directory will be updated shortly. I have been distributing this for $10, and it is very helpful to researchers of the EDMs. For new members, it is always confusing to wonder why all of the spellings? However, the names have been interchanged in ALL EDM family lines, and you have to follow all of the variations to make progress in YOUR research. You may think that you are an Edmonson, but several generations back it was Edmondson. Edmistons use any and all spellings. Edmundsons are probably Edmondsons. Edmonsons are also Edmonstons who are also Edmonstones, who are also Edmondstoun (Adinstoun, Aldinstoun, Edmestoun, Edmounstoun, of that Ilk). So if you are stuck, let me know where you are stuck at, and I will certainly check my database, and will also post queries.

Sorry for the small number of queries in this issue. I had several big good articles, so I once again ran out of space. You may also notice that the bulletin has been going out in a large envelope, which costs a little more for postage and the cost of the envelope. So I deleted the address on the back cover so that I could cram more into the 20 pages. Donations for improving the EFAB are gladly accepted. At some point, there will probably be a price increase, but I would rather keep the price down if well pleased members can send in a little extra if they can afford it.

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