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P 61    Dr. Thomas Edmondson of NC

P 65    Descendants of Sir James Edmonstone

P 67    John Edmondson, The Merchant

P 67    The Edmondson’s of Fayette Co., Georgia

P 71    David Edmiston of Augusta, by HV Jones

The Newsletter for Edmondson Family Researchers.




r. Thomas Edmondson, Gent of Johnston/ Edgecombe/ Dobbs Co. NC.

A compilation by researcher Lee Edmundson.


Thomas Edmondson first appears in North Carolina land records in 1752:

1) 929(0116) Thomas Edmondson 640 ac; Granville warrant filed 17 June, 1752 and issued Nov. 1, 1752 by James Innes & Francis Corbin (James Conner, surveyor) to Thomas Edmondson for 640 ac on N side of  Totsneot" [Swamp];"Joining his one Land that Ivey Lived on and on both sides of Ivey's Swamp" (facsimile of warrant filed); "joins Lenard Langston, Singleton [or Sringleton], & Bentley [on back] on Cobs Cr, begins below the fork, runs up the fork & prongs of the creek towards Tar R and Jun. 16,1752 (sic); [no survey in shuck]". (Cited in "Abstracts of Land Warrants Edgecombe County, NC 1778-1900", by Dr. A.B. Pruitt, page 82).

2) Wayne Co. DB5, #1418, p. 432 EARL GRANVILLE grant to THOMAS EDMONDSON of Edgecombe Co., N.C., Oct. 26, 1753, for a tract of 555 acres in Johnston Co. beginning on Iveys Branch. Wit: JAMES CAMPBELL, SHERWOOD HAYWOOD (NC Archives #0.103.40002, facsimile and transcript filed. Cited in "Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1793", Vol. 5, pp 432-434, by Joseph W. Watson, page 223).

3) Edgecombe Co. DB6 964-(454) Granville Grant to Thomas Edmondson gent of Edgecombe Co. 26 0[ct] 1753. 560 acres, joining Leonard Langston, Singleton, Bentley. Francis Corbin for Granville. Wit: James Campbell, Sherwood Haywood. Proved Aug Ct 1792 by Thomas H. Hall "by parity of hands." Edwd Hall CC (NC Archives #C.037.40007, facsimile and transcript filed. Cited in Vol. 6 pp 454-459, "Edgecombe County North Carolina Deeds. Dr. Stephen E. Bradley". Vol. 4, page 83).

4) Wayne Co. DB4, #1222, p.195 EARL GRANVILLE grant to THOMAS EDMONDSON of Edgecombe Co., May 9, 1755, for a tract of 400 acres being in the Parish of St. Patrick in the County of Johnston and lying on the south side of Great Contentnea on Turners Swamp and on Acock Swamp and beginning near Black Creek. Wit: W. Churton, Hardy Jernigan (op. cit. Watson, page 192); "On the East Side Black Creek Including the Plantation Timothy Oberiant Lives on." Warrant filed December 1752 and issued May 1, 1753. (Facsimile filed).

5) Granville Indenture, 7 November, 1755.138 acres to Thomas Edmondson "of Johnston County...St. Patrick parish... "beginning at a white oak on the North side of Timothy Obyants Spring branch... up Black Creek...". (Facsimile filed).

6) Edgecombe Co. DBl 475-(429) James Hamilton merchant of the town of Kingston upon Hull in Great Britain to Thomas Edmondson gen of Edgecombe Co. 1 Feb 1762. 40 pounds VA. 300 acres which sd James Hamilton purchased from William Barnes 24 Oct 1754. Sold by Nathl Flemming of the town of Suffolk VA as by power of attorney dated 14 Apr 1761 which had been acknowledged before Richd Bell mayor of Kingston upon Hull & witnessed by Richd Dorodale mariner & William Kirkly gent, & on 9 Nov 1762 admitted to record in Nansemond Co [VA]. 3 Sep 1762. (NC Archives #C.037.40002, facsimile filed, op. cit. Bradley, Volume 1, page 43).

7) Edgecombe Co. DB2 626-(81) Thomas Edmundson of Edgecombe Co to James Stanton of Northampton Co. 27Aug 1773. 500 pounds proclamation. 640 acres which was part of tracts surveyed for William More, Benja Andrews & Samuel Pecock & being the land sd Thomas Edmundson purchased from John Williams & Benjamin Andrews, on the north side of Great Contentney Creek, joining Benjamin Emison, William Roberson, William Moore, Davis. Wit: Fredrick Stanton, Wm Lancaster, Gregory Goff. Apr Ct 1774. Edward Hall CC (op. cit. Bradley, Volume 2, page 61).

8) Edgecombe Co. DB2 699-(l32) Thomas Edmundson* of Dobbs Co to John Edmundson of Edgecombe Co. 21 Sep 1774. 50 pounds sterling. 560 acres which was a Granville Grant to sd Thomas Edmundson 26 Oct 1753, on the north side of Tosnot Swamp, joining Leonard Langston, Singleton, Bentley. Wit: Ethd Ruffin. Oct Ct 1774. Edward Hall CC (NC Archives #C.037.40004. op. cit. Bradley, Volume 2, page 67. Facsimile and transcript filed). *Bradley mis-transcribed Thomas' surname as 'Edwards'.


9) Wayne Co. DB4 #1048 p. 511 THOMAS EDMONDSON of Dobbs Co., N.C. deed to ISSAC WOODARD of Wayne Co., Feb. 14, 1784, for 40 pds. specie a tract of 200 acres in Wayne Co. on the run of Iveys Swamp adjoining OUTLAND and said WOODARD, being a tract of land lately granted by the state of N.C. to said Edmondson. Wit: ETH'D RUFFIN, WM. ROBERTSON. (op. cit. Watson, page 165)

There are numerous other citations for Thomas Edmundson listed in the North Carolina Grantor/Grantee Index of Johnston, Dobbs & Lenoir Counties. The Deed Books to which the Indexes refer — for Johnston County 1746-1749, Dobbs County 1759-1792 and Lenoir County 1792-1880 — were destroyed in a fire in Kinston, Lenoir County, in 1880.

Book 4, 1755-56 Grace, Thomas & wife to Thomas Edmundson p 49 - Williams, John to Thomas Edmundson p 46

Book 6, 1758-65   Thomas Edmundson to Richard Simms p 262 - Granville to Thomas Edmundson p 322 - Thomas Edmundson to Thomas Woodard    p 214, 218

Book 8, 1769-71   Thomas Edmundson to John Weaver p 244 - John Weaver to Thomas Edmundson p 50

Book 9, 1771-73   Thomas Edmundson to James Edmundson   p 177

Book 10, 1773-77  Thomas Edmundson to James Stanton      p 254

Book 11, 1777-79   Thomas Edmundson to Etheldred Ruffin p 169 - Samuel Ruffin to Thomas Edmundson p 168 - John Sasser to Thomas Edmundson p 167, 417 - Thomas Edmundson to John Sheppard p 487

Book 12, 1779-84 Thomas Edmundson to John Edmundson p 165

Book 13, 1784-89 John Sheppard to Thomas Edmundson p 77

In 1778 the North Carolina General Assembly appointed "William Speight and Thomas Edmondson, Esqrs." Commissioners to build a bridge over 'Contentney' Creek (The State records of North Carolina, Vol. XXIV, 1777-1788, Walter Clark, editor. Nash Brothers, Goldsboro. 1905).

Thomas Edmundson was listed in the Names of Men Over Age in Dobbs County, North Carolina, 20 October, 1781 as Thomas Edmunson'. (Transcribed by Frances G. Howell. Original is in the Secretary of State Papers, NC Archives.)

North Carolina colonial records show Thomas Edmondson obtaining considerable land holdings in the Johnston/Edgecombe/ Dobbs/ county areas beginning in 1752. The records also shows a Doctor Thomas Edmondson acquiring land along the Great Contentnea Creek, in the Toisnot Pocoson and Ivey's Branch — the self same area — during the same era.

The first recording of Doctor Thomas Edmondson I've been able to discover in American colonial records occurs in the Vestry Book of the Upper Parish for Nansemond County, Virginia, page 56, October 2ist, 1751: "To Doctr Thomas Edmonson for keeping Widdow Green nine months at 1000 per year - 750." This is the lone reference to him in these vestry records and the only reference to him I've yet uncovered in Virginia colonial records. Subsequent documentation of him is in North Carolina.

In Margaret Hermann's, "Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, 1732 through 1758", Page 217," pg. 15 JOHN WILLIAMS of Northampton Co., planter to THOMAS EDMUNDSON of Edge. Co., physician 11 May 1756 90 pounds sterling money of Great Britain 390 acres on the north side of Great Contentney creek part of 640 acres granted to WILLIAM MOORE 11 Apr. 1745 and divided for 3 purchasers: EDWARD BARNES, PETER BARBERY and the sd. Edmondson in the presence of the sd. WILLIAMS, ABRAHAM BARNES and JOSEPH SIMMS Wit: ABRM. BARNES, JOSEPH SIMS Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1756 J. Montfort C. Ct.

Within the 4 volumes of "Edgecombe County North Carolina Deeds", abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, 1995, the several entries which name him as Doctor Thomas Edmondson are:

Vol.1, DBC page 99: 1111-(504) David Dodd schoolmaster of Edgecombe Co grants power of attorney to Dr Thomas Edmundson of same. 22 Dec 1766. Wit: Aaron Hargrove, John Edmundson. Jan Ct 1768. Jas Hall CC

Vol.1, DBC page 100: 1126-(517) Benjamin Andrus of Edgcomb Co to Thomas Edmoundson doctor of same. 7 Feb 1767. 30 pounds proclamation. 251 acres on the north side of Great Contentney, joining Issac Anderson, the old road. Also signed by Mary (x) Andrus. Wit: William Dun, Joshua Bentley, John Drew, Jan Ct 1768. Jas Hall CC

Vol.2 DB2 page 73: 76o-(i76) William Hamilton & Company merchants to James Glasgow of Dobbs Co 12 Sep 1774. 100 pounds 4 pence proclamation. 200 acres which was part of a grant to Samuel Deacock [Peacock] 28 Sep 1743, on the north side of Great Contentney Creek, joining Tosnott Swamp, Issac Anderson, Dr Thomas Edmundson. Signed by W. Hendrie for William Hamilton & Co. Wit: William Hamilton, W. Muir, John (x) Davis. Jan Ct 1775. Edward Hall CC

Vol.3 DBE page 39: 44i-(i98) Joseph Mayo of Edgecombe Co to his son Samuel Mayo of same. 20 Sep 1779. Deed of gift. 115 acres which was part of a Granville Grant to Doctr Edmundson who conveyed it to his son John Edmundson who conveyed it to the sd Joseph Mayo, on Bear Branch, joining the patent line, the road. Wit: Wm Amason, Robert Newby, Sarah (x) Amason, John Mayo, Ethd Ruffin. Nov Ct 1782. Edward Hall CC

Vol.3 DB4 page 65: 764-(53) Etheldred Ruffin & his wife Mary of Dobbs Co to Daniel Bairfield of Edgecombe Co 8 June 1781. 20,000 pounds NC. 115 acres which was a Granville Grant to Doctor Thomas Edmondson & by several conveyances to sd Ruffin, on both sides of Bear Branch, joining the road. Wit: Wm (x) Andrews, Benja (x) Amason, Asa Daniel. Feb Ct 1784. Edward Hall CC

Vol. 4 DB5 page 29: 345-(61) Joseph Mayo of Edgecombe Co to his son John Mayo of same. 31 March 1786. Deed of gift & 5s. 115 acres which is part of land where I now live, on the north side ofTosnot Swamp, joining Dr Thomas Edmondson, Bullocks or Charles. Wit: Daniel Barfield, Elva Amason, Joseph Winslow. Feb Ct 1789. Edward Hall CC.

Another reference to Doctor Thomas Edmondson is from "Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1792" by Joseph W. Watson. Page 71, cites entry, "#431 p.55 NIMROD STRADLEY of Edgecombe Co., N.C. deed to ETHELDRED RUFFIN of Dobbs Co., N.C., July 28,1781, for 20 pds. Specie a tract of 217 acres in Wayne Co. lying on both sides of Iveys Swamp adjoining ISSAC WOODARD, SAMUEL BARTLET, Doctor THOMAS EDMUNDSON, and SAMSON STANTON, including the plantation whereon my mother, JEMIMAH STRADLEY, now lives. Wit: GEORGE TEDDER, DIANA WARD.

These records prove Doctor Thomas Edmondson came to North Carolina from Virginia after October, 1751 and acquired substantial land holdings along the Great Contentnea Creek and Toisnot Swamp (near Stantonsburg in present day Wilson County) and was living there in 1786.

Cross references of the deeds of Dr. Thomas and Thomas 'Gent' reveal significant interchangeability. For example, a 1753 Granville Grant for 560 acres was patented to 'Thomas Edmondson...Gent' (Edgecombe Co. Real Estate

Conveyances 1788-1792, Vol. 6, pp 454-459. Facsimile and transcript filed). In 1774, Thomas sold this 560 acre tract to his son, John Edmondson (Edgecombe Co. Real Estate Conveyances 1772-1775, Vol. 2, page 132. Facsimile and transcript filed). In 1782, a deed from Joseph Mayo to Samuel Mayo states,"... it being part of a larger Tract of Land granted Doctr by a deed from the Earl Granville and the said Edmundson conveyed to his son John Edmundson & by the said John Edmundson conveyed to the said Joseph Mayo..." (Edgecombe Co. Real Estate Conveyances, 1780-1788, Vol. E, pp 198-199. Facsimile and transcript filed). This chain of evidence proves Thomas Edmondson Gent and Doctor Thomas Edmundson were the same person. (NB: the 1753 original Granville Grant was not recorded until the August 1792 Edgecombe County Court. More on this later).


Other evidence includes a deed dated ll May, 1756 from John Williams of Northampton County, planter to Thomas Edmundson of Edgecombe County, physician for 390 acres on the north side of great Contentney Creek, part of 640 acres granted to William Moore ll April, 1745 (Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe precinct, Edgecombe County North Carolina, 1732-1758 by Margaret M. Hofflnann, Page 217). A deed dated 27 August, 1773 from Thomas Edmundson of Edgecombe County to James Stanton of Northampton County for 640 acres which was part of tracts surveyed for William Moore, Benjamin Andrews & Samuel Pecock & being the land sd Thomas Edmundson purchased from John Williams & Benjamin Andrews (Edgecombe County North Carolina Deeds, Vol. 2, 1768-1778 by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Page 61).


Similarly, a Wayne County deed dated 1785 from Stradley to Ruffin describes land bounded by "Doctor Edmondsons Lands" but later in the document describes it as lying, "on Thorns Edmondson's line" (Wayne County Real Estate Conveyances, 1779-1788, Vol. 3, pp 55-57. Facsimile & transcript filed).


It seems clear from cross referencing the records that this Thomas Edmondson was sometimes referred to as Doctor, though more often times, not. He moved into the Johnston/Edgecombe/Dobbs County area from Nansemond County Virginia after October, 1751 and acquired considerable tracts of land along Great Contentnea Creek, Toisnot and Ivy's Swamp. He had a proven son named John and an older one named James, to whom he sold land between 1771 and 1773. (NC Archives #C.034.48351. Dobbs County Grantor/Grantee Index Book 9, page 177. Facsimile filed).

Both James and John Edmondson are listed as Grantees of land from Thomas Edmondson in these Indexes, James between 1771-73 (Book 9, page 177) and John between 1779-84 (Book 12, page 165) (Facsimiles filed). They are both listed in the 1779 North Carolina Tax List as residing in Dobbs County (North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1786, pp 61, 62. Compiled by Clarence Ratcliff); and both are listed as voters in the 1779 election for members of the North Carolina House of Commons (1779 Dobbs County Voter List, cited in the Kinston Daily Free Press, 1962. Original in North Carolina State Archives). In the 1790 Federal census, John is listed as head of household in in Dobbs County and James is so listed in Wayne County, which was created from Dobbs in 1779.

In summary. Doctor Thomas Edmondson migrated to North Carolina after October, 1751, from Nansemond County Virginia. He acquired substantial land holdings in the Johnston/Edgecombe/Dobbs county area along the Great Contentnea Creek and Toisnot, certain tracts of which he conveyed to his sons James and John. He is last recorded in North Carolina records in 1786 in a deed from Joseph Mayo to his son John Mayo, as Dr. Thomas Edmondson. We have not yet discovered his origins, but he may be the Thomas Edmondson whose will was filed in Martin County in 1792 (More on these last two matters later).

Lee Edmundson

Mendocino, California

Editor: Thanks for the research Lee, readers are welcomed to share their data on Dr. Thomas Edmondson, be it additions or clarifications.






A copy of the book titled, Robert Edmiston of Augusta County, Virginia, A Family History for the EFAB library. If you have a copy that you could donate, contact me at jack@edmonson.org. Thanks!




Descendants of

Sir James Edmonstone


Submission by Mary Bostwick


1 Sir James Edmonstone 1547-1618

.. +Helen Stirling

........ 2 Sir William Edmonstone 1561-1629

............ +Isabel Haldane -1689/90

................... 3 Archibald Edmonstone 1595-1637

....................... +Jean Hamilton

............................. 4 Archibald Edmonstone

................................. +Anna Helena Scott -1709

........................................ 5 Archibald Edmonstone

............................................ +Did Not Marry

........................................ 5 Walter Edmonstone

............................................ +Did Not Marry

........................................ 5 William Edmonstone

............................................ +Did Not Marry

........................................ 5 Archibald Edmonstone 1682-

............................................ +Hon. AnneErskine

.................................................. 6 Catherine Edmonston

...................................................... +Arthur Kennedy

........................................ *2nd Wife of Archibald Edmonstone:

............................................ +Anne Campbell

.................................................. 6 Sir Archibald Edmonstone 1717-1807

...................................................... +Hester Heathcote

.................................................. •2nd Wife of Sir Archibald Edmonstone:

...................................................... +Susanna Mary Harene

............................................................. 7 5 Sons

............................................................. 7 3 Daughters

.................................................. 6 Campbell Edmonstone

...................................................... +Marianne Anderson

............................................................. 7 Archibald Edmonston

................................................................. +Did Not Marry

............................................................. 7 William Edmonston

................................................................. +Did Not Many

............................................................. 7 James Edmonston

................................................................. +Did Not Marry

............................................................. 7 Charles Edmonston

................................................................. +Did Not Marry

............................................................. 7 8 Daughters

.................................................. 6 Charles Edmonstone

......................................................  +?Bradshaw

.................................................. 6 Anna Helena Scott Edmonstone

......................................................  +Philip Fletcher

.................................................. 6 Mary Edmonstone

...................................................... +Rev. ? Hodgkinson

........................................ 5 Elizabeth Edmonstone

............................................ +James Montgomery

..................................................  6 2 Sons

..................................................  6 3 Daughters

........................................ 5 Jean Edmonstone

........................................ 5 Margaret Edmonstone

........................................ 5 Isabel Edmonstone

........................................ 5 Anna Helena Edmonstone

............................................ +Alexander Dalway

.................................................. 6 Robert Dalway

.................................................. 6 Archibald Dalway

............................. 4 William Edmonstone 1624-

................................. +Did Not Many

............................. 4 Helen Edmonstone

................................. +Thomas Niven

............................. 4 Jean Edmonstone

................................. +Did Not Many

................... 3 James Edmonstone 1597 - 1644

....................... +Jean Cunningham

................... 3 John Edmonstone 1599-1670

....................... +Elizabeth Edmonstone

............................. 4 William Edmonston

................................. +Jean Buchanan

............................. 4 James Edmonston

............................. 4 Robert Edmonston 1619-

............................. 4 Unknown (Thomas?) Edmonston

................... *2nd Wife of John Edmonstone:

....................... +Katherine Cunningham -1690

............................. 4 Archibald Edmonston

............................. 4 John Edmonston

............................. 4 James Edmonston

................................. +Margaret Lindsay

........................................ 5 John Edmonston

........................................ 5 Robert Edmonston

............................. 4 Robert Edmonston 1630-1696

................................. +Unknown

........................................ 5 Archibald Edmonston 1667-1734

............................................ +Jane Beall 1685-1745

............................. 4 Alexander Edmonston

............................. 4 Catherine Edmonston

................... 3 Robert Edmonstone

....................... +Did Not Marry

................... 3 Andrew Edmonstone

....................... +Did Not Marry

................... 3 Helen Edmonstone

....................... +John Dalway

................... •2nd Husband of Helen Edmonstone:

....................... +Col. James Wallace

................... 3 Jean Edmonstone

....................... +Sir Robert Adair

........ 2 Mary Edmonstone

............ +John Cunningham

........ •2nd Husband of Mary Edmonstone:

............ +Sir William Graham

........ 2 Marjory Edmonstone

............ +Claude Hamilton

........ 2 Helen Edmonstone

............ +John Lennox

•2nd Wife of Sir James Edmonstone:

.. +Margaret Colquhoun 1574-1618

........ 2 Robert Edmonstone

............ +Did Not Marry

........ 2 Elizabeth Edmonstone

............ +James Edmonstone

........ 2 Margaret Edmonstone

............ +Did Not Marry

........ 2 Agnes Edmonstone

............ +Did Not Many

........ 2 Jean Edmonstone

............ +Did Not Marry




Did you know that William Edmondson was the appointed Sheriff of Nottingham in 1532?


John Edmondson

Merchant of Talbot Co., Maryland.

John Edmondson was the progenitor of a large number of American Edmondsons. He was born in England circa 1635, the son of an English merchant. He immigrated as a servant to John Horne, merchant of London. Immigration was by way of Barbados, 1658, Calvert Co., Maryland. John married Sarah Parker, daughter of William Parker and Elizabeth "Eliza" Woodcocke, before 1664, Calvert Co., Maryland. His second marriage was to Sarah Loockerman.

By 1663 records show he was an attorney in Talbot Co., Maryland (Md. archives XLIX, 30) and appeared frequently as an attorney prior to 1676.

In 1664, he was residing at Cedar Point, on the Tred Avon River, Talbot Co., Maryland, in the area of Edmondson's Neck  about two miles from present-day Easton, Maryland.

There is record of a land purchase of 400 acres, Jul 17, 1664, Talbot Co., Maryland.

He was assigned as Overseer of Highways, 1669, Talbot Co., Maryland.

John was elected as Member of the Lower House., between 1676 and 1692, Talbot Co., Maryland. Being Quaker, he refused to take the oath of offices but was seated on his affirmation. He was chosen again in 1685, 1691, and 1692.

Another purchase of land was on Apr 20, 1677, at Cabin Ridge, Dorchester Co., Maryland.
Robert Clarke, son and heir of _____ Clarke late of Calvert County, deceased, to John Edmondson of Talbot County: ”Cabin Ridge” on Great Choptank River and Fallen Creek, containing 400 acres more or less. Wit: Wm Stephens, John Milles
21 April 1677 before Thomas Notley and Phillip Calvert. (Dorchester Co., MD Land Records 4 old 22)

On March 2, 1694, John Edmondson transferred this land to son William Edmondson: "Cabbin Ridge" containing 400 acres more or less.
(Dorchester Co., MD Land Records 5 old 58)


He signed a Letter of Congratulations to King William and Queen Mary, Feb 7, 1689/90, Talbot Co., Maryland.

Before his death, John had extensive land holdings in Talbot, Dorchester, and Kent counties, Maryland.

John died on Oct 9, 1697, Talbot Co., Maryland about age 62. His will, dated Oct 9, 1697, Talbot Co., Maryland names wife, Sarah; sons James, William, Thomas & Samuel (Thomas and Samuel under age 20); daughter Elizabeth Stevens and her son Edmondson Stevens. It was probated on March 7, 1697/98, Talbot Co., Maryland.


For more on John Edmondson of Maryland, the Merchant, see EFAB Volume 31 Issue 3, Number 123, April thru June, 1999.


The Edmondsons of

Fayette County, Georgia

A compilation by Dr. Steven Edmondson.

Part 1

Fayette County was created in 1821, an original county, from land obtained in the Creek Cession of 1821. The county seat is Fayetteville. The courthouse is original and one of the most beautiful in the state.

1827 Land Lottery: Eli Edmonson, Roziers District, Fayette County. Drawing March 15 and 17, 1827. Lot # 49. District 5, Section 1. Located in future Lee County. Lot # 51. District 12, Section 5. Located in future Carroll County. James Edmondson, Roziers District, Fayette County. May 11, 1827. Lot # 212. District 17, Section 1, future Lee County.

1830 Census: Eli Edmondson, p. 207. 1 m under age 5. 1 m 20-30. 2 f under 5. 1 f 20-30. 1 slave. Lived next to William McBride.

1840 Census: Eli Edmonson

1850 Census: Eli Edmondson, p. 35, 29th  District. Age 46, b. in NC. Wife: Jane, 44, b. in NC. Martha, 18. James, 16. Thomas, 13. George, 11. Robert, 8. Joseph, 5. Eli, 1. All born in GA.

John Edmundson, p. 20, 29th District. Age 22. Postmaster. Elizabeth, 22, wife. William, 4 months, son. All born in GA. Census taken 20 October 1850.

1870 Census: George W. Edmondson, 28 wm. Mary Edmondson, 26 wf. Sarah E. Edmondson, 44 wf. Thomas J. Edmondson, 33 wm. Robert Edmondson, 30 bm.

1880 Census: G.W. Edmonson, 39, wm. Josephine    Edmonson, 26, wf, wife. Emma, 10 wf, daughter. Leia, 7 wf, daughter. Mary, 4 wf, daughter. Daughter, 4 months old. Jane Edmondson, 70 wf, mother. All born in GA.

Eli Edmondson moved to Fayette County as early as 1821. Fayette Deeds show James Edmondson deeded a slave to Eli Edmondson in 1822. Eli eventually owned 1000 acres and 40 slaves. The plantation was located on the west side of White Water Creek and on Redwine Road, just west of present day Georgia 85 between Fayetteville and Senoia. He served as Lieutenant in the Fayette County Militia, Aug. 6, 1823-March 4, 1825. (Militia Records, 1808-1829, p. 108). He and Lemuel Edmondson were purchasers at the sale of the estate of Hannah Gillcoat, March 16, 1824. (Inventories, Appraisements, Book A, 1824-1830). James and Lemuel were brothers of Eli. They moved on to Mississippi. According to Howard Edmondson of Alabama, family tradition was that Eli moved to Georgia with two of his brothers.

Eli was born in Edgecombe County, NC, about 1802, son of John Edmondson (1762-1817) and Lydia Downing (1762-182 ). He married in Fayette County, January 31, 1825, Jane McBride, daughter of James and Mary Hamilton McBride. Fayette Marriage Records state the date of marriage was Feb. 1,1825. The McBrides were from Abbeville District, S.C. The Georgia Land Lottery of 1827 (March 6, 1827-May 25, 1827) lists Eli Edmonson, Roziers District, March 15 & 17, 1827. He was drawer No. 51, drew land in Carroll County, District 12. Also listed in Roziers District, May 11, 1827, was James Edmonson, No. 212, who drew land in Lee County, District 17. This would appear to be Eli's brother and is probably the man who sold the slave to Eli in 1822. He does not appear in later records in Fayette County.

The Eli Edmondsons are listed in the 1830 Census, p. 207. Eli lived next door to William McBride. The family included: 1 male 20-30. 1 male under 5. 1 female 20-30. 2 females under 5. 1 slave.  Eli served as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from Fayette County in 1832 (State Archives, Index A-E). The 1840 Census shows him in Capt. Hardman's District: Eli Edmondson, 3 males under 5; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 20-30; 1 male 30-40; 2 females 5-10; 1 female 20-30. No slaves. Four persons engaged in agriculture. The county had 6191 white persons in 1840. The 1850 Census, p. 35: Eli Edmondson, 46, b. in N.C.; Wife, Jane, 44, b. in NC. Martha, 18. James, 16. Thomas, 13. George, 11, Robert, 8, Joseph, 5. Eli, 1. All born in GA.

They had:

1. Mary Louisa Edmondson, b. March 13, 1826, Fayette County. Louisa married Warren Cofield, Oct. 27, 1843 (Fayette Marriages). She died Nov. 7, 1858, and is buried at Harmony Methodist Church, Troup County. T.J. Edmondson was guardian of Ann, Eliza and Martha J. Cofield, minors of N. Cofield, 1868-69. (Fayette County Probate Records, 1824-1871).

2. John Edmondson, b. March 11, 1828, in Fayette. He died June 23, 1868. Burial at his homeplace in the Hopeful community. He and Sarah Elizabeth Goddard were married Nov. 16, 1848. See account below.

3. Martha J. Edmondson, b. March 1830, Fayette County. She married Raymond Rogers.

4. Elizabeth Edmondson, b. 1833, Fayette County. Married Mr. Lavendar.

5. James W. Edmondson, b. 1834, Fayette County. He is probably the James Edmondson shown in the Fayette Census, 1860, age 24, born in Georgia, and married to Melissa. She was Melissa Stinchcomb. He was killed in battle in November, 1862, in the Confederate Army. He was an officer. He was buried near Starr's Mill. He left one known child, Louisa J. Edmondson, listed in the estate settlement of Eli Edmondson in 1870. The inventory and appraisement of the estate of James W. Edmondson, deceased, showed Eli Edmondson, M.O. Edmondson, John Edmondson, T.J. Edmondson and others as purchasers (Book H, pp. 6-8, 1862-1871). Nathaniel Stinchcomb managed the estate of James W. Edmondson and reported payments from the estate to the widow M.O. Edmondson from 1862-1866. Dismission was granted Jan. 16, 1866 (Book H, pp. 412-416). Gainy Westbrook was guardian of Louisa J. Edmondson, July, 1866-67. (Fayette County Probate Records).

6. Thomas Jefferson Edmondson, b. July 3, 1837. Married Lucinda Alice Kelley November 8, 1862, in Fayette County. See account below.

7. George Washington Edmondson, b. Sept. 5, 1839, in Fayette County. He died Sept. 29, 1905, in Muscogee County and is buried at County Line Cemetery near Brooks, GA. He married Olivia Josephine Matthews March 22, 1868, in Spalding County. She died March 19, 1901, in Fulton County and is buried at County Line Cemetery. The Census of 1880 showed G.W. Edmondson, 39, b. in GA, with wife Josephine, 26; Leia, 10; Mary, 4; baby dau., 8 months old. Jane Edmondson, mother of G.W., 70, lived in the household.

8. Robert Edmondson, b. Feb. 28, 1842, in Fayette. Died June 26, 1855, and is buried in the Edmondson family cemetery on the home plantation at Starr's Mill, now in the middle of an expensive housing area.

9. Joseph A. Edmondson, b. 1845 in Fayette. Joseph A. Edmondson enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private, was elected Captain. He is buried at Moultrie, Georgia. See account below.

10. Peter Eli Edmondson, b. 1848 in Fayette. George W. Edmondson was guardian of Peter E. Edmondson, minor heir of Eli Edmondson, July, 1866. According to the account of Mrs. Redwine, he "went to Texas".

The Census of 1860, Fayette County, showed: Eli Edmondson, 56, farmer, b. in N.C. Property worth $33,000. Jane, 55. Thomas, 21. Joseph, 16. Eli, Jr., 10.  All children born in Georgia.

Family records state Eli died 31 October 1864.

In the final settlement of the estate of Eli Edmondson by John Edmondson, Lot 8, 6th District, was sold to T.J. Edmondson and Lot 162 and 8 acres of Lot 163 to R.R. Rogers. Heirs of Eli Edmondson listed in March, 1870: T.J. Edmondson, George W. Edmondson, Peter W. Edmondson, Joseph A. Edmondson, John Edmondson, Louisa Edmondson (minor), the minor children of Cofield, R.R. Rogers for his wife and W.R. Lavendar for his wife Elizabeth. Louisa J. Edmondson was minor child of James W. Edmondson, deceased.

JOHN EDMONDSON (1828-1868)

John Edmondson, son of Eli and Jane McBride Edmondson, was born in Fayette County, GA, March 11, 1828. He married Sarah Elizabeth Goddard, daughter of Joseph Goddard, Nov. 16, 1848, in Fayetteville, GA. She was born June 25, 1826, in Pike County, GA, and died Feb. 5, 1916, Fayette County, GA. Her grave is at Hopeful Primitive Baptist Cemetery. The 1850 Census shows him in Fayette, p. 20, in the 29th District: John Edmondson, 22, postmaster, born in Georgia. His wife Elizabeth was 20, b. in Georgia. His son William, was four months old when the census was taken Oct. 20, 1850. The family lived in Campbell County, bordering Fayette, before the Civil War. (Campbell was merged with Fulton in 1932). He enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army, Sept. 25, 1861, in Campbell County, the 30th Georgia Infantry Regiment. He was later elected Captain. He was home sick in 1862. He was paroled in 1864 in Savannah. John died June 23, 1868, in Fayette County, near Starr's Mill, and is buried on his home place in the Hopeful community.


A newspaper article in 1906, entitled "A Happy Family Reunion", gives information on the descendants of John and Sarah: "According to previous arrangements, on the 20th of the month, the sons and daughters of Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Goddard Edmondson all visited her at the home of Mrs. Emma Lester, her daughter, where she resides. There are many reunions, and of various kinds; but, in the estimation of this family, this was one of the grandest and sweetest reunions that can take place on this Earth. Mrs. Edmondson has seven sons and two daughters, 3 sons and 2 daughters living near her in Fairburn, Georgia, and four sons who live some distance away. It has been more than 30 years since Mrs. Edmondson had the pleasure of meeting all her children at the same time. Her sons and daughters seem to think that there is no one like mother, and there is no reason why they should think otherwise, for she certainly has been a very remarkable woman, and there is no doubt about her declining years being full of sunshine and happiness. W.H. Edmondson, her oldest son, lives in Daytona, Florida. Joseph E. lives in Carroll County, GA. C. J. lives in Clifty, Alabama. R.B. lives in New Edinburgh, Arkansas. J.T., James E., Mrs. Emma Lester, and Mrs. Oscar Coleman live in Campbell County, Georgia, and G.T. Edmondson in Fayette County, Georgia.

The old lady has a just cause to be proud of her offspring as they all seem to be moral, upright, and intelligent ladies and gentlemen. Mrs. Edmondson is the widow of John Edmondson who resided in Fairburn just prior to the Civil War. At the beginning of the Civil War, John Edmondson made a company of volunteers around Fairburn, and went out in the defense of his country. On entering the service, he moved the family down to the lower part of Fayette County, where they remained until his death in 1868. His widow, Mrs. S.E. Edmondson, was left with nine minor children, and was deprived almost of any means of support. Her cares and troubles along about this time almost made her a physical wreck, but Providence smiled upon her, and she was spared to raise her children to be men and women who now have families of their own. Mrs. Edmondson is in her eightieth year, and is remarkably strong for a woman of her age, and bids fair to live many years yet. Her mind seems to be clear and all right and she takes an interest in the passing events of the day as though she were a much younger woman. Mrs. Edmondson possessed an excellent tact for governing a family; otherwise she could not have brought up many sons and daughters without some immoralities among them. She has always been a woman of a very agreeable and amiable disposition, yet, when necessary, she could command considerable firmness. While she is proud of her boys and girls, the boys and girls should thank High Heaven that they are blessed with such a mother". (Contributed by Howard O. Edmondson to EFAB, Oct-Dec, 1996)

Children of John and Sarah Elizabeth Goddard Edmondson:

1. William Henry Edmondson, b. Feb. 25, 1850, in Fayette County. He was living in Daytona Beach, FL in 1906 and died in Holly Hill, FL, in 1922.

2. Joseph Eli Edmondson, b. Dec. 7, 1851, in Fayette. Died Dec. 21, 1922, at Temple, Carroll County, GA. Grave at Asbury Cemetery.

3. Charles Jenkins Edmondson, b. March 18, 1854, Fayette County. He married Emma Eugenia Merritt in Carroll County, August 9, 1878. She was born Oct. 17, 1859, the daughter of William Merritt. Charles died Dec. 4, 1925, in Cullman County, Alabama. Emma died Nov. 13, 1894, in Cullman County. Graves are in Mount Vernon Cemetery. See records of Cullman County, AL.

4. John Thomas Edmondson, b. June 29, 1858, Fayette County. He died Nov. 23, 1935, in Fulton County. Grave is at Shadnor Baptist Church, Union City, Georgia.

5. Robert Benjamin Edmondson, b. March 26, 1860, Fayette County. He died December, 1932, in New Edinburgh, Arkansas.

6. James Everett Edmondson, b. July 21, 1863, Campbell County. He died May 20, 1948, in Fulton County, GA.

7. George Tidwell Edmondson, b. March 17, 1866, Campbell County, He died Nov. 18, 1953, in Fayette County. Grave is at Bethany United Methodist Church.

8. Ella Edmondson, b. August 30, 1868, in Campbell County. Married Oscar Coleman.

9. Emma Jennie Edmondson, b. August 30, 1868, in Campbell County. She died Dec. 13, 1956, in Coweta County. She married Mr. Lester. Her grave is at Bethany United Methodist Church, Fayette County.

George L Edmondson, b. in 1890 in Campbell County, died in July, 1985. He married Nellie Milam. They had: James F. Edmondson, George L. Edmondson, Jr., Gerald M. Edmondson, Willie P. Edmondson, Hazel Edmondson who married Mr. Carnes. His obituary July 26,1985, states he was a retired Fulton County Tax Receiver and died of heart failure at Springdale Nursing Home, age 95. His wife Nellie of Fairburn survived him. His sons: James F. Edmondson, of Jacksonville, FL. George L. Edmondson, Jr., Gerald M. Edmondson and Willie P. Edmondson lived in Fairburn. George had two sisters, Mrs. Fannie Tarpley and Mrs. Mary Ellington, both of Fife, near Fairburn and one brother. Harry Edmondson of College Park, survived him. He had 18 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren. He was probably a grandson of John and Elizabeth Edmondson. Grave is in Holly Hill Memorial Park. He was a member of The Rock Baptist Church and a Mason.


More on the Edmondsons of Fayette County by Dr. Steven Edmondson in the next issue of EFAB.




From: Howard Vallance Jones

18 Winter Ridge Rd.,

Cedar Falls, IA, 50613



--PART 4--


             D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4:  Jay Nagle Edmondson, b. 30 Nov. 1905, d. 31 Dec. 1969 m. 12 Nov. 1927, Helen Kitch

                 i.  D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-1:  Sylvia Edmondson, b. 30 Sept. 1931 m. James Donald Hites

                         i.  D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-1-1:  Steven Gregory Hites, b. 9 May 1954

                             D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-1-2:  Lucinda Suzanne Hites, b. 10 Oct. 1956

                             D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-1-3:  Sarah Elaine Hites, b. 4 March 1961

                             D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-1-4:  Kathryn Marie Hites, b. 18 July 1963

                     D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-2:  Jay Fredrick Edmondson, b. 18 Oct. 1935 m. 14 June 1958, Joanne Lee Kvenning.  (div.)

                     D-1-1-1-9-5-2-4-3:  Bruce Edmondson, b. 13 Feb. 1937

             D-1-1-1-9-5-2-5:  Gene V. Edmondson, b. 18 Oct. 1909 m. 28 Feb. 1933, Elinor Selleck

                 i.  D-1-1-1-9-5-2-5-1:  David Campbell Edmondson, b. 7 July 1935[1]


D-1-1-1-10:  Mary (Polly) Paxton Edmundson

b. Rockbridge Co. VA, 17 Aug. 1799

d. 12 Feb. 1835

m.  Rockbridge Co., 28 March 1822, David Laird, s/o James

b. Rockbridge Co., 1 Jan. 1791



D-1-1-1-10-1:  Mary Malvina Laird, b. Locust Grove VA, 6 Apr. 1825 m. 27 Jan. 1853, Daniel Brown, b. Bellevue, 1807, d. 19 Feb. 1871, 4th s/o Rev. Samuel &  Mary Moore.  "A farmer, a most estimable gentleman, and an Elder in New Providence Church."

i.  D-1-1-1-10-1-1:  Daniel Edward Brown, b. Rockbridge Co., 7 Sept. 1865.  (Paxton) "was educated at Washington and Lee University, was for several years an official in the Mechanic's National Bank, of Knoxville Tenn, and is now the traveling representative of the Southern Manufacturing Co., of Richmond Va., in the state of Texas"

D=1=1=1=10-2:  Elizabeth Jane Laird, b. Rockbridge Co., 4 Aug. 1827 m. 1 Aug. 1848, George W. Ross, b. TN.   (Paxton)  "¼for many years, was a merchant in Athens, Tenn.  He afterwards moved to Knoxville and became a large land proprietor and owned and operated extensive marble quarries near Knoxville.  About the time he attained his majority, and while traveling with his father (who was a merchant), from Athens, Tenn., to Baltimore Md, on horseback, before the day of railroads, to buy goods, they sopped at Locust Grove, in the valley of Va., to spend the night, and there for the first time met the lady who afterwards became his wife."

i.  D-1-1-1-10-2-1:  David Laird Ross, b. Knoxville TN, 5 March 1850 m. 14 Jan. 1875, Cornelia E. Peed

i.  D-1-1-1-10-2-1-1:  George Ross, b. 2 March 1877

   D-1-1-1-10-2-1-2:  Leo Miller Ross, b. 25 June 1883

   D-1-1-1-10-2-2:  William Watson Ross, b. 29 Jan. 1852 m. 14 Feb. 1877, Mary Elizabeth Butler

i.  D-1-1-1-10-2-2-1:  Edith C. Ross, b. 2 Apr. 1879

   D-1-1-1-10-2-3:  James Edward Ross, b. 16 Apr. 1854 m. 23 Sept. 1890s, Jessie Bosworth

   D-1-1-1-10-2-4:  John Murrell Ross, b. 27 June 1857 m. 1)  13 Dec. 1882, Grace Gray Kelso, d. 31 Jan. 1886

i.  D-1-1-1-10-2-4-1:  Murrell Gray Ross, b. 9  Feb. 1884 m. 2)  1 July 1891, Callie Wood

i.  D-1-1-1-10-2-4-2:  Margaret G. Ross, b. 27 Oct. 1891

   D-1-1-1-10-2-5:  Charles B. Ross, b. 9 Nov. 1859

   D-1-1-1-10-2-6::  Mary Malvina Ross, b. 12 Feb. 1862

   D-1-1-1-10-2-7:   George Ross, b. 16 Sept. 1864, d. 11 May 1866

   D-1-1-1-10-2-8:  Elizabeth Belle Ross, b. 27 July 1867 m. 19 Jan. 1893, H. L. Hahn

i.  D-1-1-1-10-2-8-1:  Wallace Ross Hahn, b. 15 Jan. 1897

   D-1-1-1-10-2-9::  Ida May Ross, b. 7 Dec. 1870

D-1-1-1-10-3:  James Garland Laird, b. Locust Grove, 20 July 1830, d. Decatur GA, 29 June 1878.  "druggist and farmer." m. 1)  26 Nov. 1857, Sarah Maria Patterson, b., 6 July 1828s, d. 14 June 1859, d/o James of Staunton VA. 

i.  D-1-1-1-10-3-1:  James Edward Laird, b. s6 June 1859 m. 6 Nov. 1861, Mary Elizabeth Parry, d/o Matthew H. & Jane Telford McKee

   D-1-1-1-10-3-2:  David Arthur Laird, b. Rockbridge Co. 11 Feb. 1863, d. Decatur GA, 25 Jan. 1889

   D-1-1-1-10-3-3:  John Poarry Laird, b. Decautr GA, 23 May 1866, "salesman in Atlanta" m. 15 Oct. 1889, Ada Belle Ferguson, d/o McDougal & Sarah C. of Russell Co. AL

i.  D-1-1-1-10-3-3-1:  Arthur McDougal Laird, b. 22 Jan. 1892

   D-1-1-1-10-3-3-2:  John Parry Laird, b. 28 Aug. 1894

   D-1-1-1-10-3=4:  Charles McCluer Laird, b. 18 Aug. 1868, d. 12 Oct. 1886

D-1-1-1-10-4:  David Edward Laird, b. Locust Grove, 22 Oct. 1832 m.   15 Nov. 1859, D-1-1-1-2-5-2:  Nancy Edmondon McClure, b. "Seclusaval:" near Fancy Hill, Rockbridge Co. VA, 28 Sept. 1837Nancy Edmondson McCluer, d/o Robert Campbell & Mary E. Parry, q.v.

D-1-1-1-10-5:  John Ewing Laird, b. Locust Grove, 28 Jan. 1835, d. Lexington VA, 22 Feb. 1902.  "a farmer, a soldier in the Confederate army, in Co. C, 1st Virginia Cavalry, and a modest, unassuming Christian gentleman>' m. 23 Oct. 1860, Nannie McKee Parry, d/o Matthew H. & Jane Telford McKee.

i.  D-1-1-1-10-5-1:  Walter Parry Laird, b. "Contentment", Rockbridge Co., 13 Aug. 1861 m. 9 Oct. 1901, Dunkirk NY, Marie Blanche Williams of Lincoln NE.  Res. Oil City PA

   D-1-1-1-10-5-2:  Frank Brown Laird, b. Lock Laird, Rocbridge Co., 25 June 1864, d. 16 Dec. 1882

   D-1-1-1-10-5-3:  Ida Ross Laird, b. Loch Laird, 16 Aug. 1866.  Res. with her mother at Lexington VA

   D-1-1-1-10-5-4:  Clarence Hawes Laird, b. Loch Laird, 15 Apr. 1868. "an agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. at Washington D.C."

   D-1-1-1-10-5-5:  John William Laird, b. Loch Laird, 21 Aug. 1870, "now manager of the Southern Bell Telephone Exchange of Staunton VA."

   D-1-1-1-10-5-6:  Nannie Parry Laird, b. Loch Laird, 4 Dec. 1872,  "¼a trained nurse, having graduated as such from Columbia Hospital, Washington D.C., June 2, 1898, and is practising her profession in Lexington Va."

   D-1-1-1-10-5-7:  Mary Lewis Laird, b. Loch Laird, 31 Aug. 1877, ¼now resides with her mother in Lexington Va."

   D-1-1-1-10-5-8:  Lula Belle Laird, b. Lloch Laird, 24 March 1881, res. w/ mother.


(Paxton) "He moved with his father to Rockbridge County, Va., when about twelve years old and located at Locust Grove, on North River, just below, and near, the present city of Buena Vista.  He was an extensive and prosperous farmer, an intlligent and useful citizen, and an Elder in the Falling Spring Presbyterian Church.


D-1-1-2:  Jean (Jane) Edmundson


d. apparently before 1798

m. apparently, Alexander Tedford


0d. Rockbridge Co. VA, c. 1796


     D-1-1-2-1:  Sarah Tedford

         m. Rockbridge Co., 21 June 1796, Elihu Barckley


D-1-2:  John Edmondson

b. before 1740



There is no clear record of this John.  Many researchers have tried to identify him as E-1-2:  John, of the Borden Tract of Augusta Co., but this John was born not later than 1715, and is thus too old to be a son of David Turk.


However, it is very likely that some of the records hitherto associated with E-1-2: John belong instead to this John.  Specifically, the following look likely:

21 May 1747.  John Edmondson, leave to build a mill.  Note that later on, David, s/o James Edmondson, was a miller, which may indicate that a family mill existed before David's, and that there was some family association with milling.  Nothing in the specific records of E-1-2:  John indicates that he was a miller.  Against this would be the argument that this John would be very young in 1747, possibly born c. 1726.[3]


17 Aug. 1762.  Appraisement of Andrew Duncan estate, by William Edmondson, John Edmondson, Samuel Buchanan, John Loggan.  Walter Woods has discovered the original of this document, and the Edmondson signatures are definitely "Edmondson."  The E-1-2 family would have used "Edmiston" at that time, and so this document must definitely belong to John and his brother William, even though the Andrew Duncan family has more associations with the E-1-2 family.


18 Sept. 1763.  Samuel Hays to William Thomson, 100 acres "in" land of John Edmondson.  Wits:  William and George Buchanan.  (Chalkley, III, 407).  What exactly "in" means here needs to be deciphered.  William Thompson had land adjoining that of David Edmondson, John's father.


20 Aug. 1765.  Dedimus to take a deposition from John Edmondson "about to leave the colony."[4]  E-1-2: John at that date might have been about to leave for Washington County, or perhaps elsewhere, since on that same date he executed some deeds apparently sorting out some of his lands.  However, a move to Washington Co. would hardly be "out of the colony", and so this may refer to this John, about to join some of his family in SC, where they had gone a year or so earlier.


Stub Entries for Indents issued in payment of Claims against South Carolina Growing out of the Revolution:


p. 136.  Book M, # 216.  1 Oct. 1784.  Mr John Edmundson late private in Alexanders

Troop W. Hamptons Regiment Sumpters Brigd State Troops.  £ 94, pay & bounty due him

for Services in that Troop and interest from 1 Apr. 1782.  Principal £ 94.  Annual

interest, £ 6.11.7.


p. 106.  Book O, # 653.  2 May 1785.  Mr. John Edminston, £ 79 sterling, Militia Duty

from 1780 to 1783, and for Waggon Service, in Militia, 1780 and 1781.  Principal £ 79. 

Annual interest £ 5.10.7.


There is an unplaced John Edmiston who died in Abbeville Dist., SC, 1789, who might fit this John.  Against such a match are two arguments:  first, this family consistently uses "Edmiston", not "Edmondson."  Second, he seems to have married c. 1773, which would be a very late marriage for the John here.  Here is his record, which we will tentatively place under the number of David Turk's John.  Note:   at the end of the account of John, note the data which indicates a different hypothesis for his origins.


D-1-2:  John Edmiston


d. Abbeville Dist., SC, 1789

m. Elizabeth __________


d. Abbeville Dist. SC, between 23 Jan. and 7 Feb. 1807


     D-1-2-1:  Andrew Edmiston, B.C. 1774?

     D-1-2-2:  John Edmiston

     D-1-2-3:  James Edmiston

     D-1-2-4:  Lydda (Lydia?) Edmiston

     D-1-2-5:  Lucy Edmiston (possibly)

     Possibly one other daughter

There seems to be some connection between a John Edmiston, probably this one, the Logans, and a Heard family.  These Heards came from Chester Co. PA, where they apparently lived very near various Edmistons, which might be some indication that this John came from PA rather than VA.


Edgefield Co. SC, 3 Sept. 1768.  John Heard Jr. of Colleton/LeDay (Lidea, Lidy) to John Heard Sr., blacksmeith, 562 acres acquired 1765.  Wits:  James Heard, Elisha Brooks, John Logan.[5]

27 June 1777.  Will of John Heard Sr. ["Jr." in inventory, which is correct], of 96 Dist., blacksmith.  Wife Lydia, land on Wilson's Creek.  "All my children" [6 + 1 unborn, 3 sons, 3 daughters known].  Excrs.  Francis Logan, John Edmiston.  Wits:  Armstrong Heard, Charles Heard, Nat. Buchanan


Note also that Jane Miller Edmiston Sansom's grant of land came into the hands of Thomas Heard, who sold it in 1777.  Thomas d. intestate, 1774, with John Heard, "smith", as his next of kin.


There is, of course, no proof that the John Edmiston here is the same one.  However, it seems likely, and his presence, plus the presence of the name "Lydia" as the Heard widow and also as one of John's daughters suggests the possibility that John's wife Elizabeth was a Heard, d/o the John who d. 1777.  Further, per Heard researchers, the widow Lydia was Lydia Logan, sister of Andrew Logan.  They say she m. John Wardlaw, had 4 children by him, and later m. Thomas Brightman. 




                                 Compiled by: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

 Revised: 11/09/96                                    prsr@aol.com

SINDX   L Name           F Name        Date County     St.  Township


E352  EDMISTON        John             1779 Old 96th D SC  No Twp. Listed

E352  EDMISTON        Moses            1779 Old 96th D SC  No Twp. Listed


28 May 1784, pr. 15 June 1784, Will of James Chiles.  Children:  Nancy, James, Henry.  Wits:  James Heard, John Edmiston, Henry Chiles.  Adm., 2 July 1784, by James Chiles, Jr., William Huggins, George Heard, bond £ 2,000.00

No record has been discovered of land grants or deeds to John Edmiston.


7 March 1789, Will, John Edmiston.[7]  Wife Elizabeth.  Sons Andrew, John, James, unborn child, if boy, to get land.  2/3's movable estate divided "amongest my hole children."  Excrs.  Elizabeth Edmiston, John Wardlaw.  Wits:  Victor, Isabel, and Joseph Mathews.  No probate recorded.


Abbeville Co. SC, Census 1790:  Elizabeth Edmiston, no m. 16+, 3 m 16-, 4 females.


Elizabeth m. 2), probably c. 1794, James Campbell. Abbeville Co. records show a bond, 13 Oct. 1794:  Elizabeth Campell, w/o James, formerly Elizabeth Edmiston, James Campbell Sr., John Richmond, and Benjamin V. Posey bound for £ 500, to pay estate of John Edmiston to his children or their guardians, or when they come of age.  Campbell signs x, Elizabeth signs Elizalth Capell.  Wits:  Andrew Edmiston, James Wardlaw.


20 Oct. 1794.  John Edmiston estate sale.  Andrew Edmiston bought most.  Buyers include William and John Logan. 


Box 20, pk. 416.  23 Jan. 1807.  Elizabeth Campbell, will.  To son John Edmiston, daughter Lydda (no last name given), son James a bequest when he marries, Lucy Edmiston (no relationship given).  Wits:  Sam Mosely, Reuben Butters.  Excrs.  James Campbell, William Phillips.


7 Feb. 1807.  Stephen Watson, James Smith, Christopher Watson, Abraham Roman, James Loveless to take inventory with William Phillips, excr.  Returned 12 Feb.


Abbeville Co. SC, Census 1800, p. 21.  Andrew Edmiston, 1 m 0-10, 1 16-26;  2 f 0-10, 1 10-16, 1 16-26.

Andrew thus was born 1755-1774, but was under 16 in 1790 and thus born after 1774.  Perhaps he actually was born close to 1774, married c. 1794/5, with 3 children by 1800.  The 16-26 man in his 1800 household, thus b. 1774-84, might be his brother James.

Abbeville Co. SC, Census 1800.  John Edmiston:  1 m 16-26;  1 f 10-16, 1 16-26.  He would thus be born 1774-1784, married close to census time in 1800, and with a younger woman, perhaps a sister in his household.


Thus, although the place, the time, and the connections with Logans might argue for making this John the son of David Turk Edmiston, what can be deduced about John's children has them born from the mid-1770's on, which more often means a father born in the early 1750's.  David Turk's John has to be born before 1740, and thus would be a very late marrier to be the John above.  At the same time, this John is too old to be a grandson of David Turk Edmiston.  There is, however, no other Edmiston family which seems to have a place for this John.


A Different Hypothesis


It is possible that he is from a different branch of the family, a branch not chronicled as far as I know.  .


Victor Matthews,  his wife Isabella, and James Matthews  witnessed the will of John Edmiston in 1789.  Obviously there is some connection between Victor and the Edmistons.   Isabella is said to be an Edmiston from York Co. PA, and there are other Edmistons of unknown origin who connect to her.   A Moses Edmiston witnesses the 1795 will of Victor Matthews.   A Thomas B. And Lucy Caroline Edmiston, siblings, seem connected also.


Isabella Edmiston



m. Victor Matthews


d. Abbeville Dist. SE 1795


1- John Matthews

`            3.  James Matthews

3.  Isaac Matthews

4.  Esther Mathews

5.  Ann Matthews   possibly Esther Ann)

6.  Elizabeth Matthews

7.  Rebeckah Matthew (possibly Elizabeth Rebeckah)



The following notice appeared in the  Edmondson Family Genealogy Forum ,  Posted by James D. Dabbs on July 06, 1998 at 16:03:37:  In Reply to: Re: Moses 2 Edmondson (David1), b. c1740 posted by Steve Deitz on May 31, 1998

at 19:29:25:

I am descended from Victor MATTHEWS and Isabella EDMISTON? (EDMONDSON). These

families came from York Co., PA to Augusta Co., VA and on to Abbeville Co., SC before the

Revolution. Do you have any information on Isabella? Sea may have been a daughter of David Turk

Edmiston    James Dabbs   Tuscumbia, AL


If Mr. Dabbs is correct, Isabella Matthews was an Edmiston/Edmondson   Victor died in 1795, and his will was witnessed by Moses Edmiston.  David Turk Edmiston has no known daughter Isabella, although that was his wife’s name.  However, it might be possible that David had more children after the importation of 1740.  


Victor left a family of at least 6, some of whom may have been under age – at least some of them were not married.  Among those apparently married was Elizabeth, and it might be possible that her husband was John Edmiston.


James E. Wooley, A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records, (1979), I, 203. has a summary of the will of Victor Matthews (Box 64, Pack 1550, Probate Judge Office, Abbeville SC.  To beloved wife Isable her third of the moveable estate and her living on the land while a widow.  To three sons John, James, Isaac, my land with the remainder divided amongst my children that is unmarried, the boys and girls to get alike, as to my married dtr Esther Ann, Elizabeth Rebekah, I leave five shillings each.  Isable and Joseph Mathews excrs.  31 Dec. 1795.  Wits:  William Wedgworth, Samuel McNeily, Moses Edmiston.  Rec. 25 March 1796.  To William Wedgworth, John Lumbis, John Irwin, John Conner, Thomas Pool, you or any three of you to repair unto all places as directed by Isable Matthew executrix.  Dated 5 March 1796, signed James Wardlaw D.C.C.  The above appraisers were certified before Charles Devenport, J.P.  The inventory and appraisement was held 26 April 1796.  With the sale on 24 April 1798.  Buyers are:  Isbel Matthews, David Black, John Fleming, Thomas Davis, James Fleming, James Campbell, Moses Edminston, Thomas Bartee, John Sims, Joseph McNeeley, John Wilson, Carr McGeehee, Robert Johnson Gulley, Thomas Cobb, Robert Buchanan, James

 Parker, Stephen Watson, John Blackburn, John Irwin, Isaac Logan.[8]

Among those mentioned in Victor Matthew’s will is William Wedgworth. Amd that leads to still another possible connection to John Edmiston.


The following tell of a Thomas B. Edmiston and his sister Lucy Caroline Edmiston, both of whom came from Abbeville Dist. And both of whom m. Wedgworths.  

Thomas B. Edmiston

b. SC 1801


m.Grene Co. AL,  c. 1838. Nancy Wedgworth d/o James & Ann Borden




1: Martha Edmiston

2.  James M. Edmiston

3.  Calvin Edmiston

4: Thomas B. Edmiston Jr.

5: Zachariah Edmiston


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       Thomas B. Edmiston & Nancy W. in Greene Co.,Al

 Posted by: Phyllis Wedgeworth     Date: March 13, 2002 at 11:37:09


Thomas B. Edmiston was born 1801 in South Carolina (?). He married Nancy Wedgeworth around

1830 in Greene Co.,AL. Nancy was the daughter of James Wedgeworth, Senior and Ann Braden.

Nancy's brother Zachariah married a Lucy C. Edmiston in 1840 in Greene Co.,AL. Known children of

Thomas B. Edmiston and Nancy Wedgeworth are: Isaac; Martha; James M.; Calvin; Thomas, Junior;

and Zachariah, all born between 1831 & 1843.


Records show that Thomas B. Edmiston had first arrived in Greene Co.,Al in 1822 from Abbeville, SC.

Census records for 1830,1840,1850 all show him & family in Greene Co.,AL. The 1860 Census for

Greene Co. lists only wife Nancy & children. Does anyone know when Thomas died? And who are his

parents? Did they come from South Carolina? And were Thomas and Lucy related? Many thanks for

any help given. Phyllis


Lucy Caroline Edmiston

b. SC 1818

dal 16 June 1848, bur. Mt. Zion Cem., Greene Co. AL (Hale Co.)

m.  1)  Greene Co. AL, 22 Jan. 1840, Zachariah Wedgeworth, s/op James & Ann Borden

b. Abbeville SC, 1807

d. Greene Co. AL, 27 June 1840


1- Zachariah Wedgworth Jr., b. 1840, d. 18549

m. 2) Greene Co. AL, 10 June 1843, Thomas T. Williams



I.   >


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 Lucy C. Edmiston & Each Wedgeworth, Greene Co.,AL

 Posted by: Phyllis Wedgeworth     Date: March 13, 2002 at 11:25:56


I have information on a Lucy Caroline Edmiston, born in 1818 in South Carolina (?) who married

Zachariah Wedgeworth in Greene Co.,AL 28 January 1840. Each was the son of James Wedgeworth,

Senior and Ann Braden. Each was born 1807 in Abbeville, SC and died 27 June 1840 in Greene

Co.,AL. A child, Zachariah Wedgeworth, Junior was born in 1840 a few months after his father died.

The younger Each only lived until 1849 when he too died at age eight.

Lucy remarried in Greene Co.,AL 10 June 1843 to Thomas T. Williams. Lucy died in Jan 16, 1848 at

aged 30. This tragic family group are all buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery in Greene Co.(now Hale

Co.) AL. The child Each's grave is one of the largest in the cemetery and his tombstone has a very sad

and melancholy inscription on it, fitting for the sorrow & grief felt for the death of such a young child.


Do  Thomas and Lucy belong to the family of John Edmiston?   Are they brother and sister – Lucy is 117 years younger than Thomas.  Did this whole batch, or some part of them, come to SC from York Co. PA.   I know of no Edmistons in York Co. At this time, but I don’t know if anyone has searched there.   


D-1-3:  William Edmondson

b. before 1740


The record of this William is equally obscure, further complicated by the presence of so many Williams in early Augusta County.


23 Nov. 1753.  Road crew, road from north fork James River near John Mathews' to Renix's Road, includes James Edmundson, William Edmundson.[9]  This could be the James and William of this family--the location seems right--this early, it could not be the sons of Matthew Edmiston, who at this time had some land in the southern part of the Borden Tract.


17 Aug. 1762.  Appraisement of estate of Andrew Duncan by William Edmondson, John Edmondson, John Loggan, Samuel Buchanan. As noted above, the signatures here show that this cannot be the E-1-2 family.


There is a good possibility that William went south to SC c. 1764.  His brother David II certainly went there, and his brother Moses probably did so also.


29 Nov. 1764, William Edmundson, 150 acre grant, Granville Dist.[10]  Grant, 27 Oct. 1766, in Long Cane Creek next to Alexander Caron's 2000 acres.

18 March 1772, William Edmiston, 100 acres, Berkeley Dist. [11]


SC State Grants, I, 125, 15 Oct. 1784.  William Edmondson paid £ 20 for 200 acres in 96 District on Bushy Creek, a branch of Saluda River, on all sides vacant.  XXI, 485, 3 Dec. 1787, William Edmundson, 152 acres, 96 Dist.  State Plats, XXI, 180, 16 March 1787, Wm. Edmondson, 152 acres, 96 District.


There is a William Edmundson in Census 1790, 96 District, Pendleton Lists.


It seems to be impossible to trace this land, which fell into Abbeville Dist. where deeds are not extant.  No other SC references to William have been discovered, which makes it possible that he came back to Virginia at some later date.  There are unplaced Williams later on:


1-  Capt. William Edmiston, d. 1780.  Probably not suitable for this position, since he used the "Edmiston" spelling and married into the E-1-2 family.


2-  William Edmiston of Rockbridge Co., d. 1782.  Also doubtful, since he does not use the "Edmondson" spelling.  Also, he has no son named David, nor is the name prevalent in that family.


3-  Allegedly there was an Edmondson in Botetourt Co., dead by the early 1790's with no record left of his first name, but by tradition said to be William.  He is the progenitor of a Blount Co. TN family of Edmundsons, and one of his sons, possibly the eldest, was named David.


D-1-4:  Rachel Edmiston



m. probably, Alexander Logan



I. (speculative)

     D-1-4-1:  Margaret H. Logan

         m.  D-1-6-1:  David Edmiston, q.v.

     D-1-4-2: David Logan


This is speculative:  there is a Rachel among David's probable children;  Margaret H. Logan was said to be her husband's cousin;  this is a logical way to solve that problem.  Alexander Logan's wife was definitely a Rachel:


Augusta Co., Deeds, 26 March 1763.  Alexander Logan/Rachel to James Kennedy, £ 35, 237 acres, adj. Thomas and John Logan.  Wit:  Hugh Wardlaw


The family apparently moved south.  Alexander Logan received a grant of 200 acres, Dist. 96 on Brush Creek, waters of Saluda River, 1 Aug. 1785.

Dist. 96 SC, 29 Nov. 1780.  Jane Sansom, David Logan and Alexander Logan of Long Cane bound for £ 14,000, as admin. bond for Jane Sansom and David Edmiston her son for estate of John Sansom.  Signed Jane (x) Sansom, David Logan, Alex'r Logan, David Edmiston.  Wits:  John Logan, Catherine Noble.

Alexander and David are in Abbeville Dist., SC, Census 1800.


Blount Co. TN, DB II, 288, is a deed to the trustees of Logan's Chapel, a Methodist-Episcopal Church.  David Logan is a trustee, and the other trustees include D-1-6-5:  James Edmiston


                                                                  Logan Miscellany


Alexander Logan, R.S. private, 1763-1856, m. 1) Mary Hyde, 2) Nancy Merriwether

Francis Logan, Capt. SC, 1734-1826, m. Hannah Trimble

William Logan, Pvt. NC and SC, 1748-1833, m. Jane Margaret Black

William Logan, Pvt. SC, 1762-1838, m. Eleanor Craig

William Logan, 1726-1802, m. 1) Mary Baker, 2) Margaret Crockett

Hugh Wardlaw, Capt. SC, 1740-1802, m. 1) Elizabeth Coalter, 2) Mary Logan[12]


One David Logan made a will 8 May 1826 and died by 1830, leaving widow Hannah, children:

Alexander and John (in Blount Co. TN 1830), James R., David L., John M., Hannah M., Racheal, Elizabeth, Peggy Ann;  gdts.  Rosanah Thompson, Rosanah Logan.  Wits:  Peter Brakbill, Isaiah Thomson


Cf. D-1-6-5-1:  Mary Ann Edmiston, who probably m. the Alexander Logan of the preceding will.


Lawrence Co. AR.  1833.  Will of Charles Logan. Estate divided between Lotte, Jonathan, Charles, Massy,. Frank and Mason Logan, and Priscilla (Logan) Edmondson, gdn. James Campbell.[13]


D-1-5:  Moses Edmiston




Again, Moses cannot be placed with certainty.  He apparently had land early in Augusta/Rockbridge, sold by a deed not recorded and therefore of uncertain date.


July 1805.  John Stuart, age 65, deposes at Brownsburg, that executors of Borden Jr. conveyed 230 acres to Robert McElrath and that Moses Edmiston was the first settler on the tract, which was several years after the death of Borden Jr. [1753], that Moses Edmiston sold to Matthew Morehead who sold to John McElrath who was the same as Robert McElrath.[14]


Lists from Fairfax Co. VA, 1750-1763, for provisions to the militia of Augusta County:

    Moses Edmiston and others, 4 shillings each

    Moses Edmiston and David Edmiston, 8 shillings each

    William Edmonston, sergeant, 3.12.8[15]


Since Moses vanishes from the records of Augusta/Rockbridge Cos., it seems probable that he also headed south in the early 1760's:


South Carolina Grant Index  (Greene)


Colonial Plats, VII, 488.  15 Nov. 1764.  Survey, Moses Edmiston, 100 acres, Granville Dist., Bk. 7, p. 488.  Ibid., XIV, 529, 5 June 1772.  Moses Edmiston, 100 acres, Granville,


SC Royal Grant, XII, 324, 3 June 1765, Moses Edmonston, 100 acres "situate as is supposed in Granville County on the North West Fork of Long Cane which in the Summer time is about Nine Feet wide and about Ten Inches Deep Bounded South Eastwardly on Land laid out to Moses Davis the other three sides thereof on Vacant Lands."

SC Royal Grants, XXVIII, 382.  12 Feb. 1773.  Moses Edmunston, "One Hundred Acres Situate in Granville County Surveyed for him 5 June 1777 on the Waters of Calhoun's Creek bounded Eastwardly by land laid out to John Strain towards the West by land of Aaron Heets [hirts?] Southward by land laid out to Gillmore and vacant land and all other sides by Vacant Lane."


SC Memorials, VI, 481, 2 July 1765, refers to another 100 acres, Granville Co.;  Memorials, XII, 254, 21 June 1773, also 100 acres, Granville Dist.


Again, it has been impossible to determine what became of that land, but Moses is not listed in Census 1790.


A list of the inhabitants of the Old 96th District in SC for 1779:


Moses Edmiston

John Edmiston


SC Military Records, Record A.A. 2160 A.  (endorsement?)  Moses Edmiston, his Account of 59 Days Militia Duty in 1781, Eight Pounds, Eight Shillings sixpence three farthings. (small slip of paper) "This is to certify that the Bearer Moses Edmiston Served in Publick Service forty-five Days Horsemans Duty under James Garvin [Darvin?] and in James Thompsons Company, per me, James Garvins hand [?]."  Written underneath the signature:  "This is not MR. Garvin's writing."  (another slip)  August 1984.  This is to Certify that the Bearer Moses Edmiston was fourteen Days in (illegible).  John Thompson".  (Another page).  "...To Moses Edmiston for Service under General Henderson in the year 1782.  To forty-five Days Horse Service...."  "Personally came Moses Edmiston and being Duly Sworn (illegible).. this 22d of Januey 1784.  James Thompson."


31 Dec. 1795.  Abbeville Co.  Will of Victor Matthews witnessed by Moses Edmiston[16].  Moses is also listed as a buyer at the estate sale, 24 Apr. 1798.  The Matthews family is also connected somehow to John Edmiston of Abbeville:  see D-1-2. 


It has been argued that Moses returned to Virginia during the Revolutionary War, since W-l:  Moses Edmiston turns up in Washington Co. in 1778, buying land from E-1-2-1:  Col. William Edmiston.  However, note that a Moses is listed in Old 96th District in 1779.  Also, obviously it would be difficult for a Moses based in VA to return to SC to serve as a soldier in 1781 and 1782, plus claiming for service in 1784.  Assuming that the soldier is the same Moses as the landowner, he would seem to have stayed in SC until at least 1784.  However, he is not visible in Census 1790.


On the other hand, there are enough Robinson connections in the VA Moses' family to make it possible that his wife Rachel came from Virginia, rather than SC or somewhere back east.  This Moses named his apparently eldest son David.  At present, there seems to be no way to solve this problem.


D-1-6:  David Edmiston


d.  NC, probably 1765[17]

m. Augusta/Rockbridge Co. VA, perhaps c. 1754, Jane Miller, d/o Alexander


d. after 1792


    *D-1-6-1:  David Edmiston

     D-1-6-2:  Alexander Edmiston, b. prob. 1755-74, possibly unm. s.p.  Alexander is at present untraced.

Although the Sansom letter says that all of Jane's children were married by the time of their

mother's  death, it seems doubtful that Alexander was.  We assume that Alexander is the male aged

26-45 in the household of his brother David in 1800, and one of the males over 45 in David's Lincoln

Co. TN household in 1820.  There is no wife for him in Census 1800, although there are two females

26-45 in 1820, but these would appear to be  daughters of David.

   D-1-6-3:  Ann Edmiston

         m. David Presley, b. 1764, d. 1834[18].  The Sansom letter gives the marriage.

*D-1-6-4:  John Edmiston, b. 13 Feb. 1761/2

*D-1-6-5:  James Edmiston, b. 13 Feb. 1765

With David, we are on substantially firmer ground, thanks to a letter of 1842 by Samuel D. Sansom, in which he describes his family.  Sansom's mother, Jane Miller Edmiston Sansom, was, he says, the second daughter of Alexander Miller who emigrated from Ireland a few years before her birth to Augusta County.  She there married David Edmiston and bore the 5 children above listed.  They moved to NC, to a county which looks like "Sparklinburg"--perhaps Mecklenburg?--where David died.  Jane continued on to SC and there married John Sansom, by whom she had another 5 children:  Nancy, William, Samuel D., Hannah M. and Andrew, the last two of whom died young.  The letter says that Jane lived to see all her children married, and the marriages are given except for Alexander.


"By virtue of a precept from John Troup Esq. of ______bearing date Jan. 6th day 1767, I have administered and laid out for Jane Edmiston a plantation or tract of land containing one hundred & fifty acres situated lying and being in Granville County on the waters of the N.W. fork of Long Cane butting & bounding on the S.E. side of land laid out for Nathaniel Alexander all other sides vacant lands and has such shapes & marks as the above plat represents.  Certified for the 5th day of March 1767.  Recorder 1st October 1774 in Pickens Dist.  Thomas Heard


Jane held this land only briefly.  31 July/1 Aug. 1777.  Thomas Heard, house carpenter of Colleton, to Christopher Williams, distiller, £ 150, 150 acres, Granville, on northwest fork of Long Cane originally surveyed for Jane Edminstone on 5 March 1767, and granted sd. Heard on 21 Feb. 1772.  Wit:  Thomas Pattison, James E. Miller[20]


Jane m. 2nd, John Sansom, who was killed in 1780 in the Revolutionary War. 


Dist. 96 SC, 29 Nov. 1780.  Jane Sansom, David Logan and Alexander Logan of Long Cane bound for £ 14,000, as admin. bond for Jane Sansom and David Edmiston her son for estate of John Sansom.  Signed Jane (x) Sansom, David Logan, Alex'r Logan, David Edmiston.  Wits:  John Logan, Catherine Noble.


SC Rev. War Records, AA 6754.  15 Apr. 1775.  John Sansom, p. 3F.  This is to certify that Jean Sansom wife of John Sansom dec'd is entitled to a grant of 200 acres of land.  Certificate that John Sansom served as a soldier in an Independent Company in this State until he was captured by the Enemy and that he was killed afterwards riding express by the Torys.  25 May 1785.  Jean Sansom, widow and excrx, authorizes Capt. John Calhoun to receive indents due to John Sansom dec'd for his service to the public, part in the Independent Companies under Benjamin Tutt & also in militia in Col. Anderson's Reg't.... The Militia acc'ts returned to the Auditor's office by Col. Anderson. Robert Anderson certified Jean Sansom's signature.


C.T. Deed B-4, 406.  21 Feb. 1772.  Thomas Heard, house carpenter of Colleton, to Christopher Williams, distiller, £ 150, 180 acres, Granville, on northwest fork of Long Cane, originally surveyed for Jane Edminston, 5 March 1767, and granted to Thomas Heard, 21 Feb. 1772.  Wits:  Thomas Pattison, James E. Miller[21]


7 May 1787.  State of SC to Jean Sansom, grant of 200 acres in 96 District, below ancient boundary line on branches of Beaver Dam Creek, waters of Savanna River, bounding southeastward on David Edmiston's land, northward & northeastward on John [Wodges?  Logan's?] land, all other sides on vacant land.


Abbeville Dist. SC, Census 1790, Jane Sansom, 3 m 16+, 1 m 16-, 2 f.


Where and when Jane died in ot yet known.  There is apparently a mention of her in 1792, the last known at present.


D-1-6-1:  David Edmiston III.

b. prob. VA, apparently before 1755

d. apparently Lincoln Co. TN, between 1824 and 1827

m. presumably SC, D-1-4-1:  Margaret H. Logan




     D-1-6-1-1:  James Edmiston, b. Abbeville Dist. SC 7 Aug. 1798, d. probably IL, after 1850

         m. prob. Lincoln Co. TN, 11 Aug. 1825, D-1-6-5-2:  Jane M. Edmiston, d/o James Sr. and

            Nancy Keown, q.v.

    *D-1-6-1-2:  David M. or W. Edmiston



David was a Revolutionary War Soldier.  SC File AA, 2159, 395 Q 86, BGIV 324, as copied by Dorothy Click Cook:

     15 Apr. 1785.  Thomas Farrar, Lt., Ind. Co., certifies that David Edmiston is entitled to a

           grant of 200 acres as a soldier in an Independent Company.

     3 Dec. 1785.  David Edmiston receipts 2 years' interest on the within indent.

    6 May 1787.  An Act of the Gen. Assembly:  Mr. David Edmiston rec'd 23 pds. 10 shillings &   

           4 pence farthing-sterling for 439 days duty in Capt. Tutt's Ind.Co. in 1779.  Rec'd Peter


    1790. To David Edmiston for duty in the Militia 192 days as a Private and for service of a

           horse 154 days. 

     A pay bill of Capt. Joseph Dawson, commencement 5-23-1781, & ending 8-16-1782.

    20 Apr. 1785.  David Edmiston, receipt from the Comm. of the Treasury full satisfaction for

           thewithin indent, # 3950.

    1 Aug. 1785.  Grant to David Edmiston, 200 acres, Dist. 96, below the ancient boundary line,  

           on branches of Beaver Dam Creek, waters of Savannah River [next to Jane Sansom's grant]


Stub Entries to Indents issued in payments of Claims against South Carolina Growing out of the Revolution:


p. 68.  Book O, # 395.  20 Apr. 1781.  Mr David Edmiston £ 24.14. 3 1/4 sterling, for duty

done in the Militia and Service of a Horse in 1781 and 1782.  Principal £ 24.14.3/1/4.

Annual Interest, £ 1.14.7.


p. 228.  Book Q, # 86.  Mr. David Edmiston, £ 23.10.4 1/4, for 439 days Duty in Capt. Tutts

Independt Compy in 1779, 1780 and 1781.  Principal £ 8.10. 4 1/4.  Annual Interest, £



Abbeville Dist., SC, Census 1790:  David Edmiston, 1 m 16+, 3 f.

Abbeville Dist., SC, Census 1800, p. 4.  1 m 45+, 1 26-45, 2 0-10;  1 f 26-45, 2 10-16, 2 0-10.

Lincoln Co. TN, Census 1820:  1 m 45+, 2 16-26, 1 10-16;  1 f 45+, 2 26-45, 1 16-26.


From the census figures, one can estimate that David probably had at least 7 children, starting with two daughters born in the late 1780's--which may indicate a late marriage.  The older man with David in 1800 is probably his brother Alexander, for whom no marriage is recorded.  In addition, there would appear to be 4 daughters and 3 sons.  Two of the daughters may never have married, since they were at least 26 by 1820.  One daughter b. 1790-1800 is gone by 1820, presumably dead or married.


The family is largely untraced.


From SC, the family may have gone to Blount Co. TN for a while:


E. TN Grants, III, 107:  27 June 1816, # 1812, David Edmondson, 215 acres, Blount Co.  However, see also the –1 line.


By 1820, David was in Lincoln Co. TN.  The only grant discovered is small and comes in 1826, when David was near his end.  Middle TN Dist. Grants, VI, 458.  19 Dec. 1826, # 4887, David Edmiston, 46 ½ acres, Lincoln Co.  He apparently had other lands, of unknown origin.


Lincoln Co. TN, DB G-1, 515.  6 Sept. 1824.  Alexander Cowan[23], Lincoln Co., to John Edmiston, Lincoln Co., land on Flint River.  Wits:  David Edmiston, James Edmiston.  Rec. 22 March 1827, when James Edmondson, John Edmondson Jr. and Alexander Edmondson swear that they saw David Edmiston, now dec'd, witness the deed.  Thus David was alive in 1824, but dead by 1827.  This also places Alexander in Lincoln Co. with the rest of the family.


DB H, 241.  ____ 18__.  David Edmiston, John S. Edmiston, John Edmondson Jr., all Lincoln Co., to Matthew Cole, $ 22, on main east fork of Flint River.


DB K, 108.  27 Jan. 1831.  James Edmiston and David M. Edmiston, Lincoln Co., to John Strickland, Lincoln Co., 75 acres on Barren Fork of Flint River, and tract of 46 ½ acres granted by Tennessee to David Edmondson and now conveyed by Edmondson heirs to Strickland.  Signed James Edmiston, David W. Edmiston.  Wits:  James Edmiston Sr., James R. Edmiston, Samuel D. Edmiston, James Edmiston


This deed presumably gives us the names of two of David's sons.  James is in Lincoln Co. Census 1830, but David does not seem to be. 


There is an Alexander Edmiston in Lincoln Co. Census 1830:  2 m 0-5, 1 20-30; 1 f 20-30, and this could be the 3rd son of David, b. 1804-1810, more precisely probably 1804/5, married 1825/6;  or he could be older, and David M/W. could be the youngest.

Presumably this family left Lincoln Co. in the 1830's.  James went on to IL, but the rest of the family does not appear there.  See the next entry.


D-1-6-1-2:  David M. Edmiston




Benton Co. AL, Census 1850, p. 410.  David M. Edmondson, 42, farmer, TN.  Hannah 43, TN.  Nancy 16, AL.  Margaret 11.  James 9.  William 7.  Joseph 5.


p. 48, Reuben Edmondson, 18, GA.  Mary 57, SC.  Martha 22 SC. James 20, Mary J. 16, Margaret 19.  John N. 12.  Sarah 10.  


p. 398.  William P. Edmondson, 24, shoemaker, AL, w/ Edward Cobb, 41, SC, John 36, GA


Whether these entries are D-1-6-1-2 is not known, but it is possible, especially for the David M.  The others might represent other descendants of David, who per census records had far more children than those listed.




Editor: This compilation continues in the next issue of EFAB. Dr. Howard V. Jones has been a long time contributor to the EFAB and has done extensive research on the family of David Edmiston. We appreciate and benefit from his many hours of research.


    [1]  The Bible does not give parents for the children listed.  I have placed David here, but he could trade with Jay Fredrick.  Bruce could be in either family.


    [2]  By William Baldridge.  David Edmundson, uncle, consents.

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