Edmondson DNA Project

Edmondson Family Association Bulletin

Edmondson, Edmiston, Edmundson, Edmonson, Edmonston, Edmonstone, Edmonds, Edmunds, and others.
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Mission Statement:

  1. To publish interesting accounts of the Edmondson histories and genealogies for all spellings.
  2. To report news about the living members and maintain a network for communication between the Edmondson families.
  3. To publish queries for all members, and to help each other to search for answers.
  4. To search for "proofs" of family roots, but also remembering that clues are important.
  5. To make information available in a form that can be incorporated into a family history.
  6. To provide projects for interested members, and a means of reporting the results.
  7. To perpetuate the printing of this quarterly.
  8. To set up an Edmondson library where information specific to the family name can be searched.
  9. To solve the puzzle and determine who all of these persons are that share the same surname of Edmondson and the variations.

Editorial Credits:

  • 1968-1978 M. Patricia Bates Humphreys, founder. (Daughter of Kathryn Vera Edmundson.)
  • 1978-1996 William Edmundson, Sr. (Son of A. Frank Edmundson.)
  • 1996-2000 Orvan D. Edmonson, editor emeritus.

Archiver and editor of this site is Jack Edmonson. Email: jack@edmonson.org